Hi everyone! I hope everyone has been enjoying their first couple days of summer! I thought I would recap what I have been up to these last few months since I received my crown. I have been so busy finishing up my 3rd year of University and decided this year to also take a class in the summer semester. So needless to say I’m spending a lot of my summer hitting the books. I have also been working part-time, and going to the gym almost everyday as I want to be in my most top physical shape for the competition. Thanks to the Fit Life 24/7 (https://thefitlife247.com/) who have been my coaches for the last 8 weeks and only 4 more weeks to go! As the title holder of Miss British Columbia World 2018 I have been honored to attend many volunteer events in my community. There have been quite a few so I’m going to break them down by months. So here is a recap for the month of April/May:


I recently completed the winter 9 week session with Sole Girls and now started the spring session in April. I dedicated a whole blog for this called “Sole Girls Sole Awesome” since I have been volunteering as a mentor with Sole Girls for the past 5 years. If you haven’t had the chance to read it yet you can still check it out in my previous blogs. For those that don’t know, Sole Girls is empowerment through physical activity and mentorship for girls ages 6 through 12. (http://www.solegirls.org/)

On May 3, I attend the 25th Annual Mike Cassidy Legacy Cystic Fibrosis Golf Classic. It was so heart-warming to see the turn out and overwhelming support for causes such as this. Met so many wonderful people and learned so many stories. This year they set a record and $380,000 was raised towards the goal of one day soon changing the meaning of cystic fibrosis to Cure Found. I’m looking forward to next year’s event and hopefully we can set another record! http://www.michaelcassidylegacy.org/

May 5, I attended the 26th Annual Fingerling Festival. This iconic environmental festival is the largest of its kind in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, providing an opportunity for children to release thousands of young chum salmon into Noons Creek to help these fish begin their four-year journey at sea, and to visit the hatchery with its fish-rearing pond and restored wetland. I remember volunteering for the festival when I was Miss Teenage British Columbia 2014, four years later and it was such a pleasure to once again attend and see the community support each other. A huge thank you to Sandra and the Port Moody Ecological Society for having me! (Ironic part about this event was I saw Sandra at the Cystic Fibrosis Golf Classic fundraiser and she remembered me from 2014 and asked if I wanted to volunteer for the Fingerling again, what a small world right!?) http://noonscreek.org 

After the Fingerling Festival I had to quickly go home and change as it was the night that I was hosting my dinner fundraiser for the Children’s Wish Foundation. You can read all about this event in my previous blog “Wishes Come True”. If you don’t get a chance that’s ok, as a recap it was a huge success and grateful for all the support I received.

On May 18, I attended my first orientation for the Wildlife Rescue Association of BC. The Wildlife Rescue Association of BC is to provide leadership in rehabilitating wildlife in promoting the welfare of wild animals in the urban environment. The minimum requirement for this volunteer position is a 100 hours so I will be dedicating a lot of my time for this organization this year. I’m going to dedicate another blog for this as this will be my Beauty with a Purpose project. So stay tuned! https://www.wildliferescue.ca/

On May 12, it was my first parade! It was the 95th Annual Rotary May Day Parade which is one of the longest running community parades on the Lower Mainland. I was also accompanied by the beautiful Miss Teenage Vancouver – Amelia Kohan. We had so much fun as it was such a beautiful day and wonderful turn out! https://rotarymayday.ca/

On May 26, I attended another parade which was the Hyack International Parade. The Hyack Festival Association has been enriching the hearts of its surrounding community for over 45 years. It is British Columbia’s largest parade with over 120 entries from throughout BC and the Pacific Northwest. It was wonderful seeing the community come together in participating this year’s parade and festival! https://www.hyackfestival.com/

So that about wraps up April/May. Stay tuned of what I have been up to in June!

Miss British Columbia World 2018



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