I used to show up to hockey games in heels and makeup because I had an interview or event right before. My coaches were always stunned that I was able to manage both and that I was even interested in anything other than sports because I played so many. I always lived a very active and busy life as a kid and throughout high school I ended up stopping. Hockey specifically was my favourite sport and it was played by everyone in my family, luckily I was the first girl to get to play. Not only are my cousins who want to play sports going to be able to have those opportunities but they will also have the amazing experience I did. My team was my second family and I couldn’t have enjoyed it more. Taking care of your body is so important and I know that I let myself slip due to mental health reasons but there’s always time to get back into things!! I aged out of minor league and there isn’t many options for female hockey after that in Burnaby but thankfully I will be able to join a team in Vancouver. I hope this little ramble inspires you to rekindle a spark that fuels one of your passions you may have left behind!
Written by: Menka
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