I am South African born, East-Indian-French ethnically, Canadian by nationality. Former Miss BC 2015 & UBC student, I am an empowerist, influencer, entrepreneur and current Miss Southern British Columbia World 2019. From South Africa to Canada, my name is Shakti.

From a young age, I have always loved to give back. It’s the little things we do for others, that add up and create a positive impact in shaping someone else’s life. People always ask me what it is that I want in life. My answer has always been the same: to be and do what makes me happy, and to spread that happiness to others, so that they may genuinely smile from their heart. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.
My journey in pursuing my aspirations lead me to being crowned Miss BC 2015-16, and the current Miss Southern British Columbia World 2019, finalist for Miss World Canada 2019. It’s been a crazy couple of years with life taking me in different directions, but my dream and work towards empowering others has not faltered and has become stronger than ever in wanting to inspire others.

As Miss S BC World 2019 I aim to be a role model to young girls throughout British Columbia and around the globe. This title has given me recognition and a voice with which I want to use to empower children and women across the globe to pursue a secondary and post-secondary Education. I believe that Education is a driving factor that could result in social and economic change. Many children and women, especially in lesser-developed countries, are bound to a poverty trap. I believe that education is a solution to the unjust cycle of child labour, human trafficking, child prostitution and other inhumane acts, as a means of survival in impoverished states.

I have always genuinely loved to volunteer, give back to my communities and make others smile from their hearts. I am an advocate for human rights and equality, and through my travels and experiences, I have become disheartened at the amount of poverty and social injustices that exist in our world. Living in Canada, I have become most grateful for the Education System that has been made accessible to each and every child.
I hope to use this platform to pursue my entrepreneurial vision, of creating a foundation that in turn funds for and empowers children and women to pursue a secondary education, and provide an escape route from poverty.

I truly believe that we can be the first generation to END global poverty, diminish social injustices/inequality. It all starts with our willingness to uplift one another as children of the Universe. I’m grateful for the titles (Miss BC 2015 and Miss SBC World 2019) that I’ve been given, because it gives me a voice to continue working on my platform: Quality Education: made accessible to each and every child, to drive social and economic change and in turn break the poverty cycle, diminish social injustices and human rights violations (Global Goal #4). I’m grateful for my titles, which have allowed me to empower and inspire those not only in my community but also around the world, to be a voice for those who don’t have one and to be a pillar in creating a positive change in society.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for my next post

Love and Light,

Shakti Shunmugam
Miss Southern British Columbia World 2019
IG: @shaktiaroundtheworld

Shakti during her reign as Miss BC 2015-16, working with children at the Thong To Foundation in Bangkok, Thailand.
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