“To inspire, and be inspired”  

Hair & Make Up: Katrinaaissa Beauty Artistry, Stylist: Yuvil Alejandra, Designer: Chalett Boutique, Photo by: Jenny Rae Photography

As a twenty-four year old woman, I learned that I am always growing to meet the real version of myself. With all my endeavours in life, I can confidently say that I will never have it “all” figured out. However, I know that I have, and will always bring the best of me with passion, empathy, courage and love.

Although life is not a perfect journey, I am grateful for all the good and bad days the past has gifted me. Without these memorable events, I would not be where I am today. I would not have the courage to face my fears and pursue many passions in life. I would not be in this honourable platform as Miss World British Columbia 2019, and share my advocacies. This title inspires me to continually rise with my community, to serve people in need, and to inspire the next generations yet to come.

My former title as Miss British Columbia 2016, encouraged me to annually provide educational supplies to low socio-economic communities in remote provinces of the Philippines. When given the opportunity as Miss World Canada 2019, my purpose is to bring the True North across the world and be the change it needs.

My life outside of Miss World BC…

I graduated as a Licensed Practical Nurse at the age of nineteen. Four years later, I still work in local care homes on casual shifts, while pursuing my bachelor’s degree in nursing. By surprise, an opportunity fell on my lap in 2018 as a college instructor for Health Care Assistants. My role as a health care provider and as a mentor, allows me to appreciate everything, and everyone around me.

My modelling career started when I was discovered by a photographer, Jenny Rae, during my graduation. Since then, my photos for Stenberg College were advertised in sky train platforms, buses, news papers and websites! Now, I am one of the models for Numa Network Agency in Vancouver. I enjoy doing photoshoots no matter the occasion. I feel empowered in this creative space as it allows a team to bring a concept to life through photos. It’s always a pleasure to work with talented stylists, hair and make up artists and photographers!

Dance is a big part of my life. I coached hip-hop dance teams for four years and competed across the province. Now, I am enjoying urban, heels, and contemporary styles of dance! I teach one on one classes for beginners and have recently become an official choreographer at iDance Vancouver as a heels dance instructor. I use this opportunity to welcome women of all ages to feel empowered, confident and proud of themselves! I want to establish an empowering and judgement-free dance community where everyone can feel alive.

Mentorship is something that is also important to me. Without my mentors, I would not have been able to acknowledge my strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, to pass the torch forward, I am honoured to mentor young girls in local pageants and secondary high schools to pursue their dreams and authentically embrace themselves for who they are. I will always be thankful of my Toast Master’s (public speaking program) team for helping me become a more confident woman! Last but not least, one of my inspiring mentors is Tara Teng. As one of my good friends now, I get to see up close how much dedication she puts in all her work. What inspires me the most is her active involvement to end human trafficking in Canada. With that being said, I am proud to share that I have taken a courageous step to join this important movement for all the vulnerable, and the innocent people in our country. I am in training with the Joy Smith Foundation to provide preventative workshops in secondary schools. This journey allowed me to educate my family members and raise awareness not only for themselves, but for their friends too.

Each day counts to get us closer to where we want to be. If you are reading this, my hope is for you is to find your purpose and share it to the World! Because I believe that together, we will rise.

🖤 Glow
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