Everyone’s favourite subject – math. For some of us, numbers were a way of life growing up, while for others numbers trigger terrible memories. However, I’m sure we can all agree that math, at least in its most simplest form, is important throughout life. We use it in almost every aspect of life – cooking, shopping and even in art. This essential skill is taught from a young age but we aren’t quite sure what the best way to understand it is.

At a young age, I joined an institution called UCMAS. UCMAS started in Malaysia in 1993 and its success has spread it across 70 countries with over 6000 centres. The premise of the program is to boost child brain development from kids aged 4-13 by offering Abacus and mental math training. Now what in the world is an abacus?

An Abacus
An Abacus

Looks kind of confusing doesn’t it? This is actually a calculator. Looks odd – it doesn’t have buttons or a screen of any sort. It’s really ancient, it showed up centuries before numbers even appeared. The abacus has been used for so long that its origins are lost – no one knows when exactly it appeared.

I started learning how to use one of these when I was 6 years old – soon I became so proficient I could do complex mathematical equations faster than a calculator. Not only did UCMAS help me further my math skills, it also gave me incredible confidence in other subjects as well. I became a quick learner and soon was way ahead of anyone else in my grade. It fostered in me a love for learning – even now I enjoy exploring and finding ways to understand difficult topics. This is a skill that is easy to learn and execute in daily life – something I believe everyone should have.

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