My flight to Toronto

Before I officially begin my Miss World Canada 2019 journey I would like to take this opportunity to give recognition to my “Glow Team” and let the world know that these people have the biggest heart!

Personal Travel Management – Rikki, thank you for organizing my flight!

Farrow & Associates Private Wealth Management from Investor’s Group – Ian & Aileen, thank you for being a part of my team since Miss BC 2016!

Future Stars Hockey – Lisa & Robert, thank you for being a part of my team since Miss BC 2016!

Star Box Express – Michael & Bella, thank you for everything this year! Daisy & Art, thank you for supporting my Zumba fundraiser!

Turnfit Personal Training – David, thank you for the consistent fitness support since 2017!

Barre Fitness South Surrey – Susan, thank you for choosing me as a barre ambassador!

Mendoza Boxing Club – Thank you for letting be your ambassador for the month of June!

Sandcastle Fitness Club South Surrey – Thank you for accommodating me and my team just so we can practice at the studio!

Katrinaaissa Beauty Artistry – Katrina, thank you for the make up tutorial and for all the amazing photoshoots we have had so far!

Belle and Rebel Beauty Makeup Artistry – Gwen, thank you for the makeup tutorial at the Miss British Columbia World 2019 provincials!

USANA – Marian, thank you for gifting me with USANA vitamins, protein shakes and skin care products!

The Base Coat White Rock – Tianna, thank you for beautifying my nails!

Gem Cares – Jen, thank you for the beautiful outfits and jewelries!

CreativEmotion – Thank you videography team!

Jenny Rae Photography – Thank you for taking my official shots for MWC!

My Zumba fundraiser event would not have been as successful without these following people and companies:

Fit for Women’s Gym – Sunita, thank you for the venue!

Zumba Instructors: Laarni, Dani, Abi and Mika, thank you for your support since our first Zumba fundraiser!

Ron Torres Realtor – Ron, thank you for supporting since the “Glow Within You Talent Showcase” fundraiser in 2018!

USANA- Marian Miranda, thank you for the door prizes!

Farrow & Associates Private Wealth Management from Investors Group

Derrick Manila & Monday Tan Financial Advisors – Thank for supporting since “Glow Within You Talent Showcase” fundraiser in 2018!

Sarabia Optical Canada – Carlo, thank you for the support!

Skoah Morgan Crossing – Thank you for the door prize!

Katrinaaissa Beauty Artistry – Thank you for the hair and make up service door prize!

Sereno Wellness- Dr. Jutai, thank you for the door prize!

Last but not least… 

Renci Vana – My stylist and coach, thank you for believing in me since Miss BC 2016! I’m so thankful we got reunited again during my final preparation for Miss World Canada!

My Miss BC family – thank for the love since 2016! Without you, I would not have discovered my true self! Special thanks to my Miss BC sister Tara Teng, thank you for the encouragement and coaching during my final preparation at Miss Universe Canada because since then, I will always remember what you instilled in me that, “a glow does not diminish itself.”

Nang Grem, Nong Stuart and baby Kara – Thank you for gifting me a safe accommodation in Toronto before I step in MWC! Thank you for supporting me since Miss BC 2016!

Tita Bella – Thank you for the beautiful outfits!

Susan & David – Thank you for your gift! I cannot wait to use my new makeup products and enhance my glow!

Sharan- Thank you for your support!

Tita Ams & Tito Nel – Thank you for supporting my journey and all that you have planned for me!

Jenny from Toast Masters Evening Edition – Thank you for supporting me since Miss Universe Canada 2018! Jenny, your passion for public speaking and compassion for guiding someone like me is beyond words. You encouraged me to speak from my heart and believe in myself. My fear of public speaking is now changed as one of my strengths because of you and the Toast Masters team!

Christine- Thank you for co- organizing every fundraising events with me and for proof reading my all my big projects!

Jenny Rae- Thank you for everything Jen. You don’t know this but you symbolize as the epiphany of this unforgettable endeavour since 2015. I’m so blessed to have crossed paths with you.

To my family and friends all across the world, thank you! *Special mention to my family from Antique for the never ending support! My lola and lolo, I love you.

And to you.

It humbles my heart whenever I get acknowledged by people who talks about what I have shared. Wether its an invitation to one of my fundraising events, an encouraging post on social media, or any of my achievements which I fail to recognize myself at times. This is why I truly believe that we will rise together. It takes a village, right? You may think that this is nothing, but knowing that what I voice out is being heard means that I am truly here for the right reason no matter what the outcome.

I know that I cannot do this alone. So, thank you, my team glow! <3

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