Hi everyone! 

I am so excited for this upcoming week here at Miss World Canada. To all the other contestants, nice to finally meet you!  My name is Debbie Pai and my mission is to build a more compassionate world.

Allow me to tell you a little about myself, but before that, let me just say I am truly looking forward to my first pageant experience! 


I am a recent Bachelor of Commerce graduate from the University of British Columbia. I specialized in Business Technology Management & Marketing and led an active extra-curricular life during university – such as being a part of the student government, sustainability ambassador, and many other clubs and student organizations. During my daytime, I work a 9-5 job in the Venture Capital industry; outside of work, I devote a large amount of time for volunteering to causes close to my heart.


I am passionate about advocating for Gender Equity in the workplace. It is inspired by my personal experience working in many male-dominated workplace: telecommunications, manufacturing and now, Venture Capital industry. I believe it is important to build inclusive communities that support women of all ages to have the confidence to succeed. Because when women succeeds, everyone succeeds!

MY MISSION (why I’m competing in MWC)

I’m competing in Miss World Canada for many reasons. One, to advocate for a cause I’m passionate about, two, for personal development reasons, but most of all, it is to leverage my reach to help more individuals. Prior to coming to nationals, I performed in a 250+ individual Benefit Concert to fundraise for Children’s
Wish Foundation and resulted in just over $5K
. When I become Miss World Canada 2019, I cannot wait to increase my fundraising efforts and be able to help more people in the world!

Together let’s build a more compassionate world.

OK. That’s all for now! Hope that paints a somewhat clearer picture of who I am. If you’d like to follow my journey closely, please refer to my Facebook Page or Instagram. Cheers!

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