Good morning!

“Ask and the Universe will provide” this phrase has never been truer for me than it has been in the past couple of months. After winning the provincials I was hesitant at first to approach people for sponsorship because I felt no body would be interested. But eventually I made the move and reached out to my community and I was surprised by the response I got.. Today as I head closer to MWC2020 I am nothing but grateful to have found such great sponsors and human beings in general, without them I probably wouldn’t be doing this. Hence I dedicate this blog thanking my beloved Sponsors!

Firstly, I would like to thank my main sponsor Mr. Soalwin J. Kallingal RCIC,owner of Lionsher Immigration Inc. for sponsoring my Miss World Canada entry fees! Thank you for seeing the potential in me and lifting the biggest burden of my shoulders. Your Willingness and kindness will always be remembered and appreciated!

Secondly, to Mr. Reji Philip and Mrs. Anie Philip of Supercity Construction for showing such generosity and sponsoring my outfits for the pageant week! Thank you for your prayers and blessings 🙏

Thirdly, to Mr. Avinder Singh owner and Managing Director of Zoom Engineering ltd. Aka my Boss for helping me in everyway possible way plus sponsoring my flight tickets to Toronto!

Lastly, to Nuvon’s Bridal for partially sponsoring my Evening gown! Its so beautiful I cannot wait to show it to you guys!!

It was not always an easy ride to finding the right sponsor, but thanks to my family and friends for their prayers and unconditional support. Above all thank you God for sending all these wonderful human beings into my life as helping hands 🙏I couldn’t have done this alone. And I feel truly blessed and humbled. With just 4  days to #mwc2020. I promise to give my very best and hopefully make everyone proud by bringing home the crown!

Thank You!

Tina Mariya

Miss Lower Mainland World 2020


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Sharing this content from my BWAP because this is a REAL PROBLEM folks.

A lot of people I’ve spoken to in developed countries of the Global North keep telling me Menstrual Stigma is non existent here, apparently it’s “no longer a taboo topic”, and instead they shrug it off as a developing world problem. But the truth is…

“41% of female respondents in Canada, said they’ve been occasionally or regularly teased by a male about being on their period, including by friends, colleagues and relatives” – Plan International Canada (link copied at the end of caption)

I need someone to:

Explain to me what’s so funny about people menstruating that you think it’s okay to tease them about it?

Explain to me what’s so funny about the very womb you lived in for 9 months months?

Explain to me what’s so funny about the vagina your mother had to push you out of causing her excruciating pain?

And if the word Vagina made you cringe, I’m #SorryNotSorry

Sign the Petition:

#BWAP #MWC2020 #MenstrualRights #menstrualdiscrimination #basichumanright #dignifiedmenstruation #itsjustblood #changethenarrative

Resource Link:

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A virtual connection is key these days to organize and create connections at home and overseas. From how we inspire others, to engage and creating micro effects in different corners of the world.

I have been committed to furthering the conversation and education around Human Trafficking. Part of this commitment due to COVID-19 was online, ironically enough. The ironic part being… a large portion of human trafficking within Canada starts online via social media. Having the platform that I do, on-and-offline I made a commitment and promise to create meaningful engagements and empowerment in our youth around the topic of Human Trafficking.

In August, I joined FREEDOM 8848, a virtual fundraiser, honoured to be part of #TEAMBRAVEeducation. Over 3-days, raising awareness and funds for the eradication and prevention of human trafficking, we hiking the equivalence of the elevation of Mount Everest. As much as trafficking can steam from online, I am proud of the community we have created online, the platform I have, and how I can create these conversations, add knowledge and be part of eradicating Human Trafficking.

It was suggested to our Team that we use a 10:1 ration for distance: elevation since our team was mainly in the prairies. Therefore,

“Your support provides for our research, development and delivery to ensure every child age 7-12 is equipped with life-saving prevention education to preserve their innocence!”

To watch my elevation gain at the beginning and break between the mountains and the prairies in an ancient riverbed.. here is how:



Instagram @braveeduation
Facebook @BraveEducationforTraffickingPrevention

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Hello Everyone!

Today I am gonna talk about my Beauty with a Purpose! project but before I do that I would like to clear up some misconceptions about pageantry such as: Pageants are a modelling competition, or you have to be a size zero to be a beauty queen, or its just about the outer beauty and the the most beautiful girl wins the crown. But let me tell you that non of it is true and its honestly much more than that, Pageants like Miss World are looking for a young women who is beautiful inside and out! A women who has a greater purpose in life and wishes to make an impact in the community by doing good.

“Your life becomes purposeful when you give back” and that’s exactly what beauty pageants teach us to be. They emphasis on bringing up youth to focus on their communities.

Miss World 2014 Crowning Moments - BeautyPageants

So what’s my purpose? and how I found it?

It all began when I started working in food industry, where on one hand I saw people who haven’t eaten for days and on the other I would see so much food being thrown out just because it didn’t make the sale.
Being a food lover myself, it would break my heart to see people beg for food. It made me think “How fair it was? That I was born into a family who could provide me with 3 meals a day and how fair it was to the children who were not?”
That thought stuck with me, it became a purpose.

I started helping out as much as I could through donations, That is when I came across the ” SHARE THE MEAL” application. ShareTheMeal is a crowdfunding smartphone application to fight global hunger through the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP).I personally love this app because of its transparency and also the fact that it makes donations so easy and inexpensive, you can donate to people around the world with various needs and the best part is that it gives you a track of it.

I want to raise awareness about the donations and the impact it makes through modern applications hence, I have partnered with Share the Meal app to create my team and so far have donated 200 hundred meals with my team! I am on a mission to end hunger, Join my team #TinaMariya on the #ShareTheMeal app .Let’s end hunger together.

I have lot more BWAP updates coming up for you.

Until then Stay tuned and stay safe!

Tina Mariya

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The title seems to be written with ease and sophistication as each national delegate introduces themselves to the Miss World Canada blogging audience. This is not my first time writing my “Hello from Mattea” blog.

I am not the same person that wrote my first blog as a Miss Teenage Canada delegate in 2013, then again in 2017 as a Miss World Canada finalist. Here we are in 2020.

Hello from Mattea. Again.

If you have been part of my pageant journey, new to the industry, a pageant sister, or someone I have connected with via social media, one thing is certain, unsurprising and consistent from all of my time growing into the woman I am. Coffee. As an entrepreneur or as a past Canadian national titleholder, I am sitting down to write as myself unapologetically with a giant cup of coffee. Surprise, surprise.

This first blog on the Miss World Canada (British Columbia) page announcing that I am competing at Miss World Canada will be a surprise. Don’t worry, I have more planned and ready to publish, stay tuned!

You will want to read down to the bottom…
the WHY of this first blog.

Let me introduce myself… 

I have fully embraced, “Uncomfortable is the New Comfortable.”
In the last 12 months, I have represented Canada internationally for five-weeks in the Philippines, launched my business as a Marketing Consultant, specializing in Digital Content Marketing Strategy, diagnosed celiac and made the conscious decision that everything happens for a reason, especially due to unforeseen global pandemics and discovering the importance of interpersonal relationships and surrounding yourself with good & kind people. I have also included a recently made the move from Calgary to Vancouver in the middle of the pandemic too.

In this introductory delegate blog, I have chosen to rediscover myself through the importance of taking advantage of this opportunity as a CV. I consciously decided that Miss World Canada is not just an opportunity to make just another experience out of. In my opinion, this is a cover letter to the Miss World Canada Organization, the Miss World audience, sharing credibility, passion and what I offer as a woman as the Canadian representative potentially (and hopefully) for Miss World 2020.

I am a modern woman who has a passion for the importance of storytelling and sharing perspective. Storytelling is embedded in who we are as humans & a key part of our daily lives. I have seen the evolution of what an online presence is. Our world is online more than ever now and intertwined with how we are perceived through a screen. The story that I want to share with you is one of transparency, beauty and kindness. I was recently discovered that I have been in this industry for 10 years.
Ten years of lessons learned include:

  • How to walk into a room, even when intimidated knowing that I deserve to be there and that I will walk out with a meaningful engagement or life lesson.

  • The importance of interpersonal relationships with organizations, from the person at the front desk, and everyone I encounter, or the person you smile at in the halls.

  • How to position myself as a product. The value I can add to an organization & what my personal strengths and weaknesses are and how they balance each other while furthering the mission of the organization.

  • The ability to adapt at the drop of a dime, personally or professionally.
    Flexibility and Adaptability are Key Success Factors in my life.

  • Time management with the appreciation of prioritizing tasks, from meetings to personal time to travel.

These lessons, I cannot speak more highly of as a woman in business, who focuses on the importance of understanding her client’s needs and wants, an audience’s desires for products and how morals and values of social responsibility all tie into that one connection. The lessons that pageants have taught me throughout and after completion of my Undergraduate Degree in Marketing and International Business are just as important as the transferrable skills too.


So Why Again?

I have been asking myself this question since let’s just say I have dreamt of the Miss World Organization since I discovered pageants in 2010-2011. With my competitive nature, I did my research, learning the Beauty with a Purpose is the underlying nature of Miss World. When I first was preparing in 2017 for Miss World Canada, I learned more throughout the process of getting to nationals of what I aspire for personally and professionally.

These details are factors that I took into consideration when falling head over heels for the Miss World Organization, along with the woman that inspired change in their communities and globally with their voices and actions. More importantly, what Miss World is…  an embodiment of what I dreamt of as a little girl of what I would be as a woman. Here I Am Now.

I will, once again, aspire for more. To confidently be able to listen with kindness, to speak with courage, and inspire those who I know, who I cross paths with., Uncomfortable is the New Comfortable. To be able to grow & evolve and better places around me is what I will continue to do.

Have Courage & Be Kind,
Mattea Henderson

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Hello Everyone!

I guess I cannot push this blog anymore as we are only 10 days away from the pageant week! Ahhh!!.. The Excitement!

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Tina Mariya. and I currently hold the title of Miss Lower Mainland World 2020. Winning this title has been a literal dream come true and it certainly has been life changing.

Speaking of which, let me give you a glance at my life prior this pageant. As many of you might not know I am fairly new to this beautiful country, I was born and raised in India and have spent my entire childhood and schooling years there. 6 year back I moved to Canada at the age of 18 on my own as an International Student. Pheww.. time flies!. All thanks to my loving parents, despite of our financial hardships they believed in me and gave wings to my dreams! And since that day all I ever wanted was to make them proud. They warned me about all the challenges I’d have to face by being on my own but I was up for it! and honestly it was a challenge indeed.

How Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach Became Miss Universe

In 2015 after Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach won the title of Miss Universe I was instantly drawn to pageantry but as an immigrant you are limited to living the life of your dreams until you become a resident, hence I decided to get my Permanent Residency . The journey from an international student to a PR was not easy, I worked odd jobs to make ends meet, my life was just limited to work and home and my dreams got blurry.

When I finally got my Permanent Residence, I was hesitant at first to pursue pageantry as it seemed so far fetched and unreal. I started asking myself what I really wanted to do in life and the answer was really just to do good and have a purposeful life which just brought me right back to pageants. That was it! I grabbed whatever courage I had and took that leap of faith. I said to myself, even if I don’t win this experience itself will be incredible. Getting to meet new people, surrounding myself with empowered women, putting myself out of my comfort zone would give me a direction if not the crown at least.

But fortunately with the prayers and support of my family and friends I made it! and in 10 days I will vying for the title of Miss World Canada representing not only my province but also all those hardworking international students with big dreams. You guys are nailing it! and all I want to say is that “Do not get sidetracked by the struggle, you can pursue whatever you want to as long as you don’t give up!”.

Thank you and Regards,

Tina Mariya

Miss Lower Mainland 2020

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Hi everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful week! Just wanted to let you know about my fundraiser for the Children’s Wish Foundation for Miss World Canada!

My advocacy/beauty with a purpose lies in food allergy awareness as I am severely allergic to peanuts/tree nuts, oral allergy syndrome to fruit and the cold (weird right?)!  Ever since the age of three when I was first diagnosed with my food allergies. Driven by my own experience I sought to bring about awareness for it but never knew how. Miss World Canada has given me the chance to actively share awareness through my reign as a beauty queen and reach out to many communities of people living with food allergies.  I have collaborated with @Kiligraphy&co and #risingyouth who granted me the finances through a grant to create a series of button pins depicted the most common food allergies.  All the proceeds will go towards research in oral immunotherapy (OIT for BC) and the Children’s Wish Foundation.  I am hoping that these items will help spread awareness about food allergies.  Currently there are 2.5 million Canadians living with food allergies and 1 in 2 Canadians know someone with a serious food allergy.  If you know someone with a food allergy, or have a food allergy yourself please take a look at these pins!

Written by: Ysabelle
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I absolutely love event planning. I enjoy getting organized, so planning everything from logistics to the little details is almost therapeutic! The best part is seeing everything come together at the end. 

This is why organizing a fundraising dinner for the Children’s Wish Foundation would’ve been a dream. Unfortunately, a gathering of any sort is not an easy task right now. 

Since I couldn’t get all my friends in one room, I decided to get creative and host a virtual dinner! 

I asked everyone to prepare their favorite snacks, meals or drinks as we all chatted, laughed, and caught up. We devoured a variety of food from burgers to wraps and delicious desserts. I treated myself to this scrumptious graze box. 

It’s no surprise we went way over our allotted meeting time as is always the case when you’re having a good time!

Thanks to my generous friends, there’s now $515 more on the way to granting wishes for children. That brings my virtual fundraiser to a total of $1,040! How incredible is that?!   

I’m so thankful to be surrounded by such kind and wonderful folks. It’s support like this that keeps me going and I’m even more excited to attend Miss World Canada in a couple of weeks! 

Written by: Sandy
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Hello lovely reader! How are you doing today?

I thought I’d take this opportunity to introduce myself as I am readily in preparation for Miss World Canada!

Headshot taken by @ICaptureStudio

I was crowned Miss Vancouver World 2020 on July 5th during the Miss World BC Qualifying Pageant. It honestly has been a humbling experience since then, as I was able to pursue my advocacy, food allergy awareness!

This is me at the age of three when I was first diagnosed with a food allergy!

With my own experience of being diagnosed with severe food allergies at three, I never really felt supported nor accepted as a person with a food allergy. I was often bullied for my Epipen Auto-Injector in school, which is what I need to stay alive! I was ashamed for most of my life about my food allergies. It was only during my teenage years that I really started to think about doing something about it. Since the pageant, I have been actively volunteering with Food Allergy, Canada. Actively supporting kids from all over Canada on managing their food allergies and steadily working with other volunteers as members of the Youth Advisory Panel to create events and fundraisers towards food allergy research.

Apart from my advocacy, my other passions include video games and exercising! Video games have always been a staple in my life and really have been a great way to take a break! My first real experience with video games was at the age of 8, with the discovery of my dad’s old PlayStation 1 Console. This is where I played Metal Gear Solid, a classic game, picked up the controller and never looked back. As for exercise, I like to challenge myself at the gym by lifting weights, trail running, anything to keep active! Not to mention, I achieved my 1st Degree Black Belt at the age of 12. Since then, I have been incorporating martial arts into my exercise regimen. In my own experience, it is a great way to get your workout on!

My black belt! One of my prized possessions

As Miss World Canada comes closer, I am excited to reunite with my ladies from the BC Qualifying Pageant and experiencing Miss World Canada 2020 on the national stage! I look forward to the next chapter of this journey and very grateful for all the opportunities that come my way!

Please do not hesitate to follow my journey on my Instagram: @ysa.louise

I guess that’s all I have for today’s post! Thank you for reading and keep posted for my next post.

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Hi Friends!

I wanted to direct you to go watch the third and fourth episodes of Menstruation Monday on GSCDM and Undermyskin’s Social Channels (links will be provided below). As a part of my BWAP Advocacy I am working towards raising awareness towards Gender Based Violence specifically towards Menstruating Individuals.

Menstruation Monday Episode #3 – The Tradition of Menarche & Dignified Menstruation

What was covered in Episode #3? 

There are countless varieties of the cultural traditions that surround menstruation, this can be premenstrual, at menarche, or through menstrual years. These can hold deep significant meaning for specific cultures, and we respect each culture.

However, when traditional cultures are perpetuating ideas of menstrual discrimination, stigma, taboo, and “impurity” then we MUST take active steps to unlearn these practices and associated beliefs as well as adapt/transform cultural practices that celebrate menstruation and the menstruator.

While traditions change slowly with time, it is imperative that we change traditions that are violent right now, because we do not have the time to wait as menstruators are either dying or imposed violent menstrual restrictions which impact their physical, mental, and spiritual health and social status.

Some examples of cultural practices around menarche are:
– Nepal: Gunyocholo: Menstrual practice performed before an individual’s menarche. This is considered to be a “coming of age” ritual. Gufa Rakhena: or Bahra tayegu – is the Newari tradition also performed before one’s first bleeding. The young menstruator is married to the sun god in her “purest” form.
– Ghana: swallowing of a fully boiled egg, and biting the egg is not allowed because it’s like killing your baby
– Turkey: slapped across their face to create a red cheek in order to remember the shame menstruation is for the rest of their lives
– Malaysia: to feel healthy menstruators are asked to drink raw egg with oil
– South India: menstruators are kept in a separate room where they don’t interact with men, then relatives come to visit with a bunch of gifts, and a party is thrown to honour the “coming of age”
– Phillippines: someone else is asked to throw a water of bucket over your head while you’re showering to wash all the “impurities” and “bad luck”.

We have the power to transform cultural practices to be such that we educate, empower, and support young menstruators so their relationship with their menses, sexual/reproductive health is positive, loving, and uplifting.

So what are we waiting for? The Change starts today. Sign our petition.

Menstruation Monday Episode #4 – Dignified Menstruation is a life Long Business: Womb to Tomb.

What was covered in Episode #4? 

Menses does not just impact menstruators for the 5-7 days they menstruate, or their reproductive years ( years that they are menstruating and Able to produce children)

Menses impacts us before birth, during the pre-pubescent years, in the reproductive years, in pregnancy, in menopause, and sometimes even beyond death.

This means that the lack of dignity, the stigma, shame, taboo, and “ less than” ideals that impact menses impact menstruators directly all throughout their existence and thus indirectly impact non-menstruators and society at large.

When we are discriminating against menses, violating our human rights, and imposing violent restrictions and values, we are impacting every single aspect of ones life. Their social value. And their relationship with themselves, their menses, other menstruators, and non-menstruators.

To build a strong, empowered, educated, independent menstruator, they have to be granted their inalienable right to #DignifiedMenstruation

October is #Menopause Month, we will be celebrating Menopause Day next week October 18th, please join us to celebrate this significant transition in menstruators lives which deserves dignity like every other phase in our lives.

#DignifiedMenstruation accounts for every part of a menstruators life and DEMANDS dignity at every point.

Social Links: 

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