Connections come in many forms.

From the smiling eyes you see above the masks, to people that share your content or make an effort to be part of your world for a moment, As I said, today was all about connections!

Starting off with our feet connecting to the floor- Congrats ladies and gents, we started runway and choreography today! From taking a step in the right direction with my feet and mind, rehearsals were exactly what we needed. The best part, it was all in the comfort of wearing our athletic wear.

Blocking into the next part of the connection, today was all about social media. From being able to document our food, to an incredible makeup challenge!

The time came though, for the fitness test.
Three activities, two minutes- all socially distanced!


I survived today in the best way possible! If you have a moment, check out this last part because these captions were really a big part of my mindset for Miss World Canada for 2020!

Fuelling body mind and soul is exactly what I’ve chosen to do this year. Not compromising on indulging, not compromising on embracing the healthy, and most importantly, being able to love the body I’m in I know that it gives me life.

What I love more than anything is knowing that I love looking in the mirror and knowing I am a confident, kind and genuine woman.


Learning to embrace the skin you’re in may seem never easy. Seeing the beauty that comes from within really shining outwards is when you know a woman knows her purpose, embraces the skin she is in and can rock any look on a red carpet or in bed drinking coffee!

These days I really am glowing from the inside and out, and I would truly rock this bronzed look on any red carpet any day of the week.


-Mattea Henderson

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Prior to competing at this year’s Miss World Canada, since watching Cynthia take the international stage, the #HEADtoHEADChallenge is one of my favourite parts of the competition to really dive into.

When it was pre-announced to the MWC2020 delegates that we would be introducing a head-to-head I could barely contain my excitement. Putting this all in perspective, imagine in this case (under COVID-19 personnel regulations) a certain number of young ladies all sitting together speaking on relevant topics, and causes they are passionate about.

Miss World 2019 Head To Head Challenge Group 19 - YouTube

The application of Head to Head generally means two people battling this out. Part of that is true. We are all battling for the job of a lifetime.  As of this moment at 9:30 PM I have laid out my gown for the event, have pre-planned my styling, washed and prepared my hair, made a traditional-Mattea cup of coffee and am sitting in bed slightly jittery from not the caffeine but pure excitement for tomorrow.

Also, did you know, the one and only Frankie Cena is hosting!



Styled with a gown that I love, I was ready to not-so-much hit the stage, but rather sit-and-chat with Frankie! From the moment I listened to the women speak in my group, I was blown away- from the strength and diversity of opinions I was actively listening to what they wanted to share.

To see more being the scenes feel free to click the photo above! 



Hearing the questions, surprised me but didn’t. The concept of being at a pageant and being asked why you deserve to win is not a shocker- when it is asked you either know deep down or not.

The question that I personally loved what the first one in our second Head to Head Round:

The Miss World motto is “Beauty with a Purpose”, without mentioning your project or platform, please tell us what Beauty with a Purpose means to you?

Well, if you want to know my answers to both of the following, click the photo that reads ROUND 2!




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I was so happy to have @taco_kit_toronto @elnahualtacos for lunch today at @missworldcnd, because I didn’t miss out on my Taco Tuesday tradition! So I jumped into my PJs after the Head to Head and INDULGED! (don’t wanna get Taco on my gown you know 😄)
The best part is @taco_kit_toronto @elnahualtacos is a vegetarian/vegan taco kit, featuring grilled corn stew with zucchini, black beans, caramel ones onions and poblano peppers & they deliver every Tuesday for #TacoTuesday!
#TacoKitToronto #ElMahaulTacos @elnahualtacos @taco_kit_toronto <— Don’t forget to follow them on Instagram!

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First Pic: Me intently listening to a fellow delegate Second Pic: Me getting ready in my room Third Pic: Me mesmerized by Frankie’s Hosting

We had our head to head challenges today with the absolutely charming Frankie Cena (IG: frankiecena) hosting us. I was first up, and although nervous I’m so glad that I spoke from my heart. I was asked a question about the boys club culture in the Technology Industry, and also about my BWAP. I hope you enjoyed my answers! And if you haven’t already seen it… here it is:

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Today we got our contestant number, a bunch of MWC goodies, our swimsuits, heels, and more!

We also did our official photo shoots with @erwinloewen & official video shoots with @genesis_multimedia. I can’t wait till we see all the photos and videos! 🥳🥳🥳

Also, we got a lot of time today to work on our #HeadtoHead Challenge Content! I’m super excited for the head to head, especially since I’ve been placed in Group 1. ‘Nervous’ is an understatement to how I’m feeling about the head to head tomorrow, but so is ‘ecstatic’!

Can’t believe the finale is in 4 days… wish me luck! 💕🥳

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I’m finally at Miss World Canada and my first couple of days here could not have been better!

I kicked off my trip to Toronto with a quick and fun dance. Check out the video on my Instagram here. Be sure to read the caption to get a sneak peek of why gender equity is so important to me! 

Today was officially day 1 and I spent my morning in hair and makeup, and then photoshoots! Check out some snaps below. (I promise I was smiling behind the mask!) 

Later I enjoyed some lunch from an amazing local and authentic Chinese noodle bar: Panpan Noodle Bar. I was very hungry after the photoshoots, so it was super convenient that they’re available on Uber Eats. I definitely recommend ordering from them anytime you’re in the Toronto area! 

Finally, I spent the latter of my day getting to know my gorgeous roomie, Shalom, and relaxing. We also received some swag that I can’t wait to show off! 

As this day comes to an end, I’m feeling beyond grateful and blessed for the opportunity to be here. I’m so overwhelmed by the love and support I’ve been receiving from all my family and friends back home. Moreover, my fellow beauties have been so kind and I know we’re well on the way to forming some lifetime friendships.  

I’ll keep sharing more throughout the week. For now, it’s time to go get my beauty sleep!  

P.S. Tomorrow’s events will be live on the Miss World Canada Facebook and Instagram pages. Tune in at 10:30am EST. 

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And so it begins… Day 2 is really Day 1 of Miss World Canada.

Being coordinating into smaller groups was such an intimate time to really get to know the ladies of Miss World Canada 2020. Here is a mini photo recap of today visually!

TODAY’S LOOK: Fashionable and realistic, MWC (Miss World Canada) Masks that each delegate received today! We were fresh-faced with minimal and natural makeup in our small group to shoot with Erwin Loewen! This was the pre-photoshoot outfit that I have sported for the majority


SECOND LOOK: Very much sporting and styling our custom MWC masks this time with an incredible cocktail via Bells and Bows Bridal Centre, who I know happen to be a Gown Sponsor of the national winners when they travel overseas to represent Canada.

This look was hands-down so much fun to be able to film my Introduction and Beauty with A Purpose with @genesis_multimedia. Such a fun time!

THIRD LOOK: Well that will have to be top secret until preliminaries…

Have Courage & Kindness

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Miss World Canada brought me back to China today with the very authentic Chinese noodles!

Those of you who know me, you know I love Chinese music, language, culture and most importantly THE FOOD! And guess what Miss World Canada had for lunch today?
We had the absolute best noodles from @panpan_noodle_bar. #PanPanNoodleBar features street food from the city of Wuhan, China, and I have to say, it was ABSOLUTELY AUTHENTIC! (Trust me, I lived in China for over a decade).
Also, since I was in photo shoots today, my noodles got cold but I was able to reheat my food, thanks to their microwaveable take out bowl!
You’re probably salivating now, so just jump on @ubereats and order in your @panpan_noodle_bar from Chinatown, Toronto (and make sure you jump on Instagram and hit follow) 🍜

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I can’t believe we’re already in Toronto, starting this week off with a safe get together through Zoom was a ton of fun! I feel truly blessed to have this opportunity to represent Greater Vancouver on Miss World Canada 2020 because I get to witness such talented, and powerful women doing what they love.

When powerful women come together, it truly is like magic. 😀

A massive thank you Michelle for such a great introduction, your flexibility with our arrivals schedules, meticulously distributing our specific foods to us, and finally for your powerful words during our Zoom conference today. When you told us to FOCUS on what we believe in, and REMEMBER why we are here I felt a boost of confidence and all of my nervousness went right out my body!

Can’t wait to make a lot more magic with all of these beautiful women this week <3

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Pageant girls you predominantly think are super outgoing and engaging.

What happens when you take incredible women from across the country that have been working towards this pageant for months- and don’t allow physical hugs?


This was an incredible chance to have the National Director and Social Media Coordinator walked us through safety protocols and how this week was strategically planned for optimized for the overall experience and preparation as potential Canadian ambassadors. I cannot repeat this enough, seeing the safety protocols and how incredible the organization is on top of keeping COVID-19 regulations considered,  I am optimistic about the seamlessness of this week.
Also, being able to actually see all of the ladies was such a treat! Not to mention, we all had the chance to introduce ourselves!

Can you spot me…

One thing that really touched me in a positive way, was the reminder of


This is what needs to be considered, each woman brings something different to the table, but it with respect, dignity and kindness. Hearing REMEMBER WHAT YOU REPRESENT from our National Director is what we needed to hear. It is true in all measures of life and competition. Having this reminder may seem simple but in the midst of competition and dreaming of something, no matter what it is, you lose minutes, you lose time worrying about other individuals.

This year, I promised myself to keep in my own lane. To stop comparing myself to other women. I promised myself to remember what I represent and to compete only with myself. To be the best version of me.

I am grateful to see the evolution of competitors, of competitive women and what they all aspire for themselves and their communities. Ladies, here is to a socially-distanced and successful #MissWorldCanada2020

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