Connections come in many forms.

From the smiling eyes you see above the masks, to people that share your content or make an effort to be part of your world for a moment, As I said, today was all about connections!

Starting off with our feet connecting to the floor- Congrats ladies and gents, we started runway and choreography today! From taking a step in the right direction with my feet and mind, rehearsals were exactly what we needed. The best part, it was all in the comfort of wearing our athletic wear.

Blocking into the next part of the connection, today was all about social media. From being able to document our food, to an incredible makeup challenge!

The time came though, for the fitness test.
Three activities, two minutes- all socially distanced!


I survived today in the best way possible! If you have a moment, check out this last part because these captions were really a big part of my mindset for Miss World Canada for 2020!

Fuelling body mind and soul is exactly what I’ve chosen to do this year. Not compromising on indulging, not compromising on embracing the healthy, and most importantly, being able to love the body I’m in I know that it gives me life.

What I love more than anything is knowing that I love looking in the mirror and knowing I am a confident, kind and genuine woman.


Learning to embrace the skin you’re in may seem never easy. Seeing the beauty that comes from within really shining outwards is when you know a woman knows her purpose, embraces the skin she is in and can rock any look on a red carpet or in bed drinking coffee!

These days I really am glowing from the inside and out, and I would truly rock this bronzed look on any red carpet any day of the week.


-Mattea Henderson

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