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I wanted to direct you to go watch the first two episodes of Menstruation Monday on GSCDM and Undermyskin’s Social Channels (links will be provided below). As a part of my BWAP Advocacy I am working towards raising awareness towards Gender Based Violence specifically towards Menstruating Individuals.

Menstruation Monday Episode #1 – Introduction to GSCDM & Undermyskin Collaboration

What was covered in Episode #1? 

Introduction to Mili Adhikari: “I am the director for the Global South Dignified menstruation North America chapter. I have been working as a menstrual activist within the #DM framework for 2 ½ years running social media campaigns, community organizing and menstrual advocacy workshops.” 

Introduction to Aastha Pandey: “I’m co-founder of Undermyskin. Undermyskin’s, I wanted to collaborate with GSCDM because I find that my beliefs align with their values and vision. Having been on the receiving end of various forms of menstrual restrictions I have the want to put and end on menstruating bodies being policed. I believe that as a menstruator it is my duty to help amplify the voice of the campaign.”

Aastha’s Menstrual Journey 

I grew up in a rather progressive family that still maintained quite a few traditions passed down by our hindu beliefs, that I unfortunately used to condone in the past. I was indoctrinated into accepting many menstrual restrictions, but now I don’t find them logical, safe, or correct. I find that it is unfair for us to take the moral right that an individual has over their body away from them. We need to stop policing menstruating bodies in a way that suits society’s religious agendas that don’t really make any scientific sense. In short, I want menstrual equity. 

From Undermyskin & GSCDM

We, at Global South DM, are beyond excited for this partnership to expand the #DignifiedMenstruation and transform the menstrual movement to #MenstrualTalkDignityFirst. We will work to:

  1. ID the global discriminatory MR practices, prioritizing the invisible MR in the Global North 
  2. Educate and empower the larger community on the inalienable human right for freedom from any and all forms of violence against menstruation 
  3. Transform the negative social beliefs, values, and practices that label menstruation as “dirty” and “impure” and perpetuate violence against menstruations. We will be highlighting the invisible, subtle discriminatory principles invisible to the eye in the Global North.  

Example events to come: 

  • Menstrual Mondays 
  • Educational and resourceful  content creation
  • Assisting in organizing Virtual Events and Conferences

Menstruation Monday Episode #2 – How can non-menstruators be an active ally?

What was covered in Episode #2? 

What it means to be an ally to GSCDM?

  • Being an ally means to be willing to act with and for dignified menstruation in pursuit to end gender based violence, achieving menstrual equity. 

Why it’s important for us to have allies at GSCDM? 

  • Allies are people who leverage their collective influence and personal engagement to advance dignified menstruation within their communities 
  • Allies help create the change in their narratives directly impacting the pool of people around them on a more grassroot level 
  • If the ally is someone that possesses great power and social status, an ally has the power and privilege to help change the narrative in their circle

How one could be an ally to GSCDM?

  • Learn About the Biological and Social aspect of Menstruation: 
  • know about menstruation, the menstrual cycle from a scientific lens so you understand the facts of menses 
  • Understand the socialization of menses as a “impure” and “Dirty” and how that impacts  menstruators: you can do this through observations of menstruators, conversations with menstruators ( compensate them please), and through google research. 
  • Speak up for menstruators and make space for menstruators: 

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Written by: Aastha

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