Pageant girls you predominantly think are super outgoing and engaging.

What happens when you take incredible women from across the country that have been working towards this pageant for months- and don’t allow physical hugs?


This was an incredible chance to have the National Director and Social Media Coordinator walked us through safety protocols and how this week was strategically planned for optimized for the overall experience and preparation as potential Canadian ambassadors. I cannot repeat this enough, seeing the safety protocols and how incredible the organization is on top of keeping COVID-19 regulations considered,  I am optimistic about the seamlessness of this week.
Also, being able to actually see all of the ladies was such a treat! Not to mention, we all had the chance to introduce ourselves!

Can you spot me…

One thing that really touched me in a positive way, was the reminder of


This is what needs to be considered, each woman brings something different to the table, but it with respect, dignity and kindness. Hearing REMEMBER WHAT YOU REPRESENT from our National Director is what we needed to hear. It is true in all measures of life and competition. Having this reminder may seem simple but in the midst of competition and dreaming of something, no matter what it is, you lose minutes, you lose time worrying about other individuals.

This year, I promised myself to keep in my own lane. To stop comparing myself to other women. I promised myself to remember what I represent and to compete only with myself. To be the best version of me.

I am grateful to see the evolution of competitors, of competitive women and what they all aspire for themselves and their communities. Ladies, here is to a socially-distanced and successful #MissWorldCanada2020

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