Prior to competing at this year’s Miss World Canada, since watching Cynthia take the international stage, the #HEADtoHEADChallenge is one of my favourite parts of the competition to really dive into.

When it was pre-announced to the MWC2020 delegates that we would be introducing a head-to-head I could barely contain my excitement. Putting this all in perspective, imagine in this case (under COVID-19 personnel regulations) a certain number of young ladies all sitting together speaking on relevant topics, and causes they are passionate about.

Miss World 2019 Head To Head Challenge Group 19 - YouTube

The application of Head to Head generally means two people battling this out. Part of that is true. We are all battling for the job of a lifetime.  As of this moment at 9:30 PM I have laid out my gown for the event, have pre-planned my styling, washed and prepared my hair, made a traditional-Mattea cup of coffee and am sitting in bed slightly jittery from not the caffeine but pure excitement for tomorrow.

Also, did you know, the one and only Frankie Cena is hosting!



Styled with a gown that I love, I was ready to not-so-much hit the stage, but rather sit-and-chat with Frankie! From the moment I listened to the women speak in my group, I was blown away- from the strength and diversity of opinions I was actively listening to what they wanted to share.

To see more being the scenes feel free to click the photo above! 



Hearing the questions, surprised me but didn’t. The concept of being at a pageant and being asked why you deserve to win is not a shocker- when it is asked you either know deep down or not.

The question that I personally loved what the first one in our second Head to Head Round:

The Miss World motto is “Beauty with a Purpose”, without mentioning your project or platform, please tell us what Beauty with a Purpose means to you?

Well, if you want to know my answers to both of the following, click the photo that reads ROUND 2!




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