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I thought I’d take this opportunity to introduce myself as I am readily in preparation for Miss World Canada!

Headshot taken by @ICaptureStudio

I was crowned Miss Vancouver World 2020 on July 5th during the Miss World BC Qualifying Pageant. It honestly has been a humbling experience since then, as I was able to pursue my advocacy, food allergy awareness!

This is me at the age of three when I was first diagnosed with a food allergy!

With my own experience of being diagnosed with severe food allergies at three, I never really felt supported nor accepted as a person with a food allergy. I was often bullied for my Epipen Auto-Injector in school, which is what I need to stay alive! I was ashamed for most of my life about my food allergies. It was only during my teenage years that I really started to think about doing something about it. Since the pageant, I have been actively volunteering with Food Allergy, Canada. Actively supporting kids from all over Canada on managing their food allergies and steadily working with other volunteers as members of the Youth Advisory Panel to create events and fundraisers towards food allergy research.

Apart from my advocacy, my other passions include video games and exercising! Video games have always been a staple in my life and really have been a great way to take a break! My first real experience with video games was at the age of 8, with the discovery of my dad’s old PlayStation 1 Console. This is where I played Metal Gear Solid, a classic game, picked up the controller and never looked back. As for exercise, I like to challenge myself at the gym by lifting weights, trail running, anything to keep active! Not to mention, I achieved my 1st Degree Black Belt at the age of 12. Since then, I have been incorporating martial arts into my exercise regimen. In my own experience, it is a great way to get your workout on!

My black belt! One of my prized possessions

As Miss World Canada comes closer, I am excited to reunite with my ladies from the BC Qualifying Pageant and experiencing Miss World Canada 2020 on the national stage! I look forward to the next chapter of this journey and very grateful for all the opportunities that come my way!

Please do not hesitate to follow my journey on my Instagram: @ysa.louise

I guess that’s all I have for today’s post! Thank you for reading and keep posted for my next post.

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