The honest and real update. This is my third flight during COVID-19. Everything that is required why flying seems to change on a need-to-know basis.

I thought it would be fun to walk you through what it would be like travelling during COVID-19 to a pageant. This is our new normal, and for the pageant happening at home and above I thought this may be useful and ease minds.

high-angle view of city

    Rather than over-analyzing transportation from your current location to the airport, because I am travelling on the morning after Halloween… I pre-order a cab so that my stress level was minimal. I also listed in the notes that I would be travelling with a certain number of suitcases and people to ensure that vehicle would be the correct size.
    I checked-on online and pre-purchased my luggage. I am hoping and praying that I do not have over baggage. Please say a little prayer for me.
    UPDATE: This is currently sitting at my gate. My bags were just under 0.03 & 0.2! I did ensure to use the airport designated scales to make sure that my bags were equal, that both bags were not over. Here is a bit of a pro-tip… If both of your bags are over, just transfer items into one so that out of your luggage, potentially only one is over, therefore only paying one over baggage than two!
    My competition gowns are in my suitcase and my competition outfits.
    I have all my liquids/makeup in a translucent makeup bag.
    My Laptop is out of its case and in my purse. Ease access to put into a tray.

I also made sure that I had shoes and a jacket that I could easily slip on and off. Security is what stresses me out the most. I also managed to not hold up the line or have my bags checked… I am normally the person “randomly” checked every single time. I feel like that this is a win today for that #SUCCESS

    I did not realize how early I was for my flight. I find that there is always some time of hold up or massive line, therefore I show up extra early. I just happened to so early that the airline wasn’t taking check-in in person or luggage. So, as I sit here I am writing to you all to pass the time.

Travelling during COVID-19 is redefining our normal. As global citizens, it is our responsibility to show kindness and empathy to those who surround us. From the check-in attendants to the security teams. Do not be nervous but be conscious of your surroundings. These regulations are to keep us all safe and respectful.

Here is to yet another flight & the next adventure.
See you soon World

Have Courage & Be Kind,
Mattea Henderson

photo of CN Tower

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Hi friends,

My dear friend Rupendra was able to put together a short introduction about me for Miss World Canada 2020, I’m super excited and I wanted to share my excitement with all of you!

Most of all, I wanted to let you know WHY I decided to apply for MWC and compete for the crown, and it made sense to visually show it to you rather than have you read all the time, so I hope you really enjoy this short introduction to me, to Dignified Menstruation and my favourite spots in Greater Vancouver!

A quick Shoutout to Andrew for photographs you’ll see in the video and for training me to be the confident self I am for MWC! 🌼

Camera, video, editor, director: Rupendra Shrestha

So EXCITED to fly to TORONTO!!

Written by: Aastha
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We hear all of the time numbers. Prices, time, value. What is your price?

Think of an impossible question. If you were to answer yes, to carry out this task, imagining potential consequences- good or bad, you would receive security, endless potential opportunities.
Let’s say $1,000,000 and a lifetime of security. Don’t answer right away, consider it.

Rather than thinking of the price or something, what is the cost? What is it really costing you? Let’s take this pageant as an example and look at the cost versus the price and the potential pay off.


The reason why I want to write this all down is after my ten years in this industry, people usually equate if I do not place or put my life on hold to be a Canadian titleholder with a monetary value. The real-life path that I am stereotypically are meant to take isn’t enough…

From a price value, let’s simply break it down, and comment below your opinion once you read this. I really do from the bottom of my heart and top of mind would love your opinions.

To define the following terms:

PRICE: The financial value
COST: What you stand to lose in time, efficiency, problem-solving, etc.


PRICEpink pig figurine on white surface
– Entrance Fee
– Flight / Travel
– Evening Gown(s)
– Interview Outfit
– Daily Wear (Makeup & Hair Supplies)
– Accessories & Shoes


When I was studying Business optimization at University, I learned very quickly cost-ratios and time-ratios. Determining, that if I were to do something- would it be worth my time and effect,   Simply, what would be the cost?

The cost that comes from pageantry is time. Pageantry after years of competitions, months of contemplating strategy, and preparing to be the best version of myself is truly Priceless of Cost. 

If you are thinking of entering a pageant, or are competing currently, let’s reflect.
When you look at who you were pre-competition or today, do you feel that you have made better decisions in preparation?

Do you have resilience?
Do you preserve in the face of adversity big or small?
Have you gained confidence in your capabilities?
You are not afraid to ask for help?
Have you surrounded yourself with optimistic people?



Choosing to invest in yourself is incredible when you are able to see your own personal evolution. Change is inevitable, but taking control of the narrative, making the most of any situation- good or bad, in an investment in your character and personal development.

It really is up to you to make the most of each and every opportunity. Pageants have evolved, just as we all have. Those that you really see excelling in life is because they optimally invested in who they are and what they represent.

I look at the women that I surround myself around…Pageantry has inspired many incredible women to aspire for more. Looking at the women you look up to in this industry, they take what pageant teaches them and apply them to their daily lives. I can personally vouch for the transferable skills that I have acquired over the years. Between the interpersonal skills, presentation abilities and self-confidence, I choose to invest in myself.

Each time I come into that pageant stronger as Mattea than ever before. Each time I learn something new about my quality as a woman- as a human being, but also what I dream of and for in my future.

Have Courage & Be Kind,
Mattea Henderson

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Hi everyone!

I hope you’re having a wonderful Halloween, I am anxiously awaiting the start of Miss World Canada!

Although the time has been quite fast paced with my reign as Miss Vancouver World, I’ve realized the untouched potential that I have. I can almost describe it as feeling like a modern day Cinderella. This pageant has challenged me in ways that I never thought possible. I’ve been able to pursue food allergy awareness and have impacted my community for the better.

I await the next chapter of my life, and would like to take the opportunity to thank my family and friends for their support throughout my journey.

And for the ladies that I will be meeting, I can’t wait to meet you all 🙂

Warmest Regards,

Miss Vancouver World 2020

Note: Cake courtesy of Tita Cessy, the colour teal represents food allergy awareness!

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I urge you not overpack for this pageant, from personal experience.

The reason is, the cost of over baggage is what gets me almost every time, and usually is not a cost that a lot of women take into consideration when it comes to travel, the second issue is when you are competing, you never want to be overwhelmed with too many options.

With 10 years of pageant packing experience, here are my TOP 10 TIPS FOR TRAVELLING. clothing items and pair of shoes in luggage

  1. Set Boundaries on HOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH

  2. What Can You Fit Into Your In-Flight Luggage

  3. Pre-plan your Outfits 

  4. Colour-Code Shoes

  5. How Is Your Hair?

  6. Snacks

  7. Remember to Dress Warm

  8. Be Stylish

  9. Suitcases: How To Optimize Space

  10. Pack Just Under the Weight-limit

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Good morning!

“Ask and the Universe will provide” this phrase has never been truer for me than it has been in the past couple of months. After winning the provincials I was hesitant at first to approach people for sponsorship because I felt no body would be interested. But eventually I made the move and reached out to my community and I was surprised by the response I got.. Today as I head closer to MWC2020 I am nothing but grateful to have found such great sponsors and human beings in general, without them I probably wouldn’t be doing this. Hence I dedicate this blog thanking my beloved Sponsors!

Firstly, I would like to thank my main sponsor Mr. Soalwin J. Kallingal RCIC,owner of Lionsher Immigration Inc. for sponsoring my Miss World Canada entry fees! Thank you for seeing the potential in me and lifting the biggest burden of my shoulders. Your Willingness and kindness will always be remembered and appreciated!

Secondly, to Mr. Reji Philip and Mrs. Anie Philip of Supercity Construction for showing such generosity and sponsoring my outfits for the pageant week! Thank you for your prayers and blessings 🙏

Thirdly, to Mr. Avinder Singh owner and Managing Director of Zoom Engineering ltd. Aka my Boss for helping me in everyway possible way plus sponsoring my flight tickets to Toronto!

Lastly, to Nuvon’s Bridal for partially sponsoring my Evening gown! Its so beautiful I cannot wait to show it to you guys!!

It was not always an easy ride to finding the right sponsor, but thanks to my family and friends for their prayers and unconditional support. Above all thank you God for sending all these wonderful human beings into my life as helping hands 🙏I couldn’t have done this alone. And I feel truly blessed and humbled. With just 4  days to #mwc2020. I promise to give my very best and hopefully make everyone proud by bringing home the crown!

Thank You!

Tina Mariya

Miss Lower Mainland World 2020


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First off, what is a Beauty with a Purpose Project?

In all of these blogs, how many women have actually explained what this means? The impact? And, the consistent evolution of these projects. This is the quick base for you to be able to follow along with this blog. “Beauty with a Purpose was created by Julia Morley in 1972. It is at the heart of Miss World. Hundreds of millions of pounds have been raised and donated to local and international organizations in aid of disadvantaged children the world over”.”

Over my ten years of experience in the pageant industry, I have believed in myself and the voice that I have developed into the modern woman that I am today.
To give a quick background and some context to this content.

In April, I deleted 7K off of my Instagram…

Over the past year, I have been educating myself on #TRAFFICKING tactics and how Canada has found #HumanTrafficking to be one of the largest growing crimes in Canada. As a woman whose business is successfully online, whose brand is through social media, and first-hand experiences with predators online, it is important to create conversations around self-worth and safe social media practices.

September 2019, I started speaking and presenting at a BRAVE Education event, sharing my story to our audiences. Speaking of abusive relationships, other difficult situations and how social media was a vice for potentially dangerous situations. From a kidnapping, rape, and death threat that stemmed from social media, I was grateful to navigate with the wisdom and love of the support of my loved ones and community. Through my experience, speaking my truth, and allowing these audiences to hear that with the right tools to prevent actions from words, they will be their own superhero.

Because of my acquired knowledge, experiences and speaking with these kids, I made the decision to make my social media a safer place.  I spent countless hours combing through my Instagram followers and evidently, deleted 7K of my following.

I have made a commitment to myself, a promise to my audience and my community to be #BRAVE.  This year  I have spoken on having courage and kindness to speak out about injustices and create a safe and inclusive environment that does not allow for young human-beings, and I say human beings because we all have #HumanRights, that we need to fight for.

We need to fight to protect our children, to educate them, to allow them to enlighten their peers and create a greater conversation.

My Beauty with a Purpose is through empowering interactions, workshops and programs across Canada that educate, enlighten, and empower children and youth to protect themselves and educate their peers about trafficking. I am grateful to have a partnership and ambassadorship as an advocate and presenter with BRAVE EDUCATION for Trafficking Prevention. I will continue my work across Canada and internationally, currently speaking to over 1,000 kids across Canada in 2020.





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Sharing this content from my BWAP because this is a REAL PROBLEM folks.

A lot of people I’ve spoken to in developed countries of the Global North keep telling me Menstrual Stigma is non existent here, apparently it’s “no longer a taboo topic”, and instead they shrug it off as a developing world problem. But the truth is…

“41% of female respondents in Canada, said they’ve been occasionally or regularly teased by a male about being on their period, including by friends, colleagues and relatives” – Plan International Canada (link copied at the end of caption)

I need someone to:

Explain to me what’s so funny about people menstruating that you think it’s okay to tease them about it?

Explain to me what’s so funny about the very womb you lived in for 9 months months?

Explain to me what’s so funny about the vagina your mother had to push you out of causing her excruciating pain?

And if the word Vagina made you cringe, I’m #SorryNotSorry

Sign the Petition:

#BWAP #MWC2020 #MenstrualRights #menstrualdiscrimination #basichumanright #dignifiedmenstruation #itsjustblood #changethenarrative

Resource Link:

Written by: Aastha
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A virtual connection is key these days to organize and create connections at home and overseas. From how we inspire others, to engage and creating micro effects in different corners of the world.

I have been committed to furthering the conversation and education around Human Trafficking. Part of this commitment due to COVID-19 was online, ironically enough. The ironic part being… a large portion of human trafficking within Canada starts online via social media. Having the platform that I do, on-and-offline I made a commitment and promise to create meaningful engagements and empowerment in our youth around the topic of Human Trafficking.

In August, I joined FREEDOM 8848, a virtual fundraiser, honoured to be part of #TEAMBRAVEeducation. Over 3-days, raising awareness and funds for the eradication and prevention of human trafficking, we hiking the equivalence of the elevation of Mount Everest. As much as trafficking can steam from online, I am proud of the community we have created online, the platform I have, and how I can create these conversations, add knowledge and be part of eradicating Human Trafficking.

It was suggested to our Team that we use a 10:1 ration for distance: elevation since our team was mainly in the prairies. Therefore,

“Your support provides for our research, development and delivery to ensure every child age 7-12 is equipped with life-saving prevention education to preserve their innocence!”

To watch my elevation gain at the beginning and break between the mountains and the prairies in an ancient riverbed.. here is how:



Instagram @braveeduation
Facebook @BraveEducationforTraffickingPrevention

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Hello Everyone!

Today I am gonna talk about my Beauty with a Purpose! project but before I do that I would like to clear up some misconceptions about pageantry such as: Pageants are a modelling competition, or you have to be a size zero to be a beauty queen, or its just about the outer beauty and the the most beautiful girl wins the crown. But let me tell you that non of it is true and its honestly much more than that, Pageants like Miss World are looking for a young women who is beautiful inside and out! A women who has a greater purpose in life and wishes to make an impact in the community by doing good.

“Your life becomes purposeful when you give back” and that’s exactly what beauty pageants teach us to be. They emphasis on bringing up youth to focus on their communities.

Miss World 2014 Crowning Moments - BeautyPageants

So what’s my purpose? and how I found it?

It all began when I started working in food industry, where on one hand I saw people who haven’t eaten for days and on the other I would see so much food being thrown out just because it didn’t make the sale.
Being a food lover myself, it would break my heart to see people beg for food. It made me think “How fair it was? That I was born into a family who could provide me with 3 meals a day and how fair it was to the children who were not?”
That thought stuck with me, it became a purpose.

I started helping out as much as I could through donations, That is when I came across the ” SHARE THE MEAL” application. ShareTheMeal is a crowdfunding smartphone application to fight global hunger through the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP).I personally love this app because of its transparency and also the fact that it makes donations so easy and inexpensive, you can donate to people around the world with various needs and the best part is that it gives you a track of it.

I want to raise awareness about the donations and the impact it makes through modern applications hence, I have partnered with Share the Meal app to create my team and so far have donated 200 hundred meals with my team! I am on a mission to end hunger, Join my team #TinaMariya on the #ShareTheMeal app .Let’s end hunger together.

I have lot more BWAP updates coming up for you.

Until then Stay tuned and stay safe!

Tina Mariya

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