Sole Girls is a program that empowers girls, aged 8-12, to set goals, be active, and celebrate successes. It teaches young girls to be physically active, connected, confident, and empowered by combining physical activity and personal development. Physical activity is proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and contribute to a lifetime of healthy lifestyles.

Sole Girls gives girls the tools to be physically active, connected, confident, and empowered. Sole Girls is a British Columbia organization and was founded by Ashley Wiles who combined her experience and skills in running, motivation and coaching with her desire to help girls form strong, confident opinions.

The core values form the S-O-L-E of Sole Girls. Every interaction and action we take are founded in our values of support, being open-minded, loving and listening, and enthusiasm. 

I was “Sole” happy to attend and volunteer at the Sole Awesome 5 km Fun Run in Coquitlam, BC on May 28, 2017 this past weekend with my friends, Marna, Natasha and Jessica, all awesome leadHERs and mentHERs with this amazing BC organization!

Sole Girls believe that healthy, happy girls make strong, successful leaders and stronger communities!








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