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The Miss World Canada and Miss World organizations both celebrate confident and independent women who are making their place in their communities, country and world. As I read some of the blogs of the other women competing in Miss World Canada 2017, I’m so impressed with what the other finalists have studied, careers they’re working in, travels they’ve taken and how they’re contributing in their communities. I can’t wait to meet them all this month which is coming up soon!

I believe as women in today’s society, we can do anything we put our minds to and to be role models for future generations of girls and young women. In 2017, we are so fortunate in our progressive country of Canada that equality for women and women rights are at the forefront and women are now able to accomplish anything they desire. Woman can be CEO’S, educators, mothers, scientists, entrepreneurs or anyone they chose.

As for myself, I’ve tried to take all opportunities that have come my way. I’m 23 years old and have had some time to get my post-secondary education and acquire work experience to follow my own career goals.

I moved away from my family and small town of Jasper, AB when I was 18. I studied Arts at MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta before moving to Vancouver in 2012.  I attended Capilano University in North Vancouver and received my “Acting for Stage and Screen” Certificate.

The realities of making a living within the acting world was daunting so I chose to continue my education and head to Blanche MacDonald Centre,  one of Canada’s leading Fashion and Beauty schools.  I absolutely loved it there and obtained my diplomas in both Fashion Merchandising and Design plus Makeup Artistry.



I worked at as a makeup artist and also as a wholesale fashion sales representative in Vancouver. I was also able to model and be part of some commercials, the most fun wearing beautiful bridal gowns for Isabelle’s Bridal in print and on Vancouver Morning TV shows. It was such a thrilling time for me, launching my career and living in downtown Vancouver, which I can easily say is one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities in the world!


After taking some time to travel, I relocated last year for work and to take business courses. I always keep my foot in the tourism business that I grew up in and also work as a travel consultant booking many of the outstanding resorts and lodgings throughout BC and North America. I hope one day to run my own business as I am inspired by the many women entrepreneurs in business today.

Sorting out my career path is certainly an adventure. I’ve also  learned the responsibilities of life as I live on my own, paying rent and balancing work with down time. I don’t deny the times I’ve felt lonely, when living far away from my family, or realizing that after growing up in a small town where everyone knows you, that not all people share my small town values. Travelling has been wonderful but I’ve also had a few terrifying experiences (where I found myself all alone on New Years Eve in Nice, France)

But all in all, I’ve been experiencing life to its fullest and taking every opportunity as I hope other women my age do. I look at each day as a new adventure! Of course, competing in Miss World Canada will be a highlight!

See you there in two weeks!





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