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I recently had the opportunity to volunteer at the 55th Annual Langley Walk. I was thrilled to be able to volunteer at such an amazing event that was free of charge for the participants as the main motive for it was to bring the community together for the day! It was supposed to be a nice day but it was only nice in the sun and very cold in the shade so I had to make sure I had my coat on, albeit I looked out of place when I took pictures with the participants but in my defense they were running and I was sitting in the cold shade!

I helped registering people for the walk and gave them sheets with all the 150 activities they can do to stay active for the Canada 150 ParticipAction movement. At the end of the walk I was honored to award the participants crests at the finish line. I was so amazed to learn that one of my fellow volunteers walked in the very first Langley walk and that the kind lady in the picture had walked in EVERY SINGLE one of the walks. This time she came with her grandchildren, how amazing is that! She had all the crests on a sash so I had to take a picture with her!

The most honorable moment was when the kind Mayor of Township of Langley, Jack Froese asked me to take a picture with him. Unlike the preconceived idea of political leaders, he was very approachable and social.

I also met members of the council, and once again, they were the sweetest and some of them were hilarious. We all had a great time together joking around about how all the children were fascinated by my crown so they walked right up to me to get the crest and not all the other esteemed men handing them out. I felt honored to be able to hand out crests to the participants at the finish line with such respected individuals.


Now that I have been crowned Miss Fraser Valley World 2017, I have more chances to volunteer in the community and I understand the importance of putting daily life aside at times and taking part in community events. I met so many nice and helpful people and I had a great time networking and socializing with all them!


After the walk they sent such a nice thank you letter with a crest for myself! I was touched.

I truly believe that networking and socializing with people at community events actually helps us build our social circle and the possibilities that can arise are endless!

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