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As promised, I will be discussing some of the events I had the chance to be a part of, media appearances, and just some general appearances. Due to the long list I will be making a few posts!

Harry Hooge Elementary School 

Many of you might not know that I started Kindergarten at Harry Hooge Elementary School! I was there until grade 4! After all these years I was OVERJOYED that I had the opportunity to speak there! I spoke to 3 different classes about bullying, body image, and self worth! They asked me interesting questions and most of them wanted to touch my crown so of course I let them! I also found two of my elementary school yearly pictures on the school walls from when I was there, see if you can find me!

This was such a great experience, the school is exactly how I remembered it. It made me realize when I was young and attending the school, the most insignificant things mattered to me and now I realize how insignificant they were.

Just like that at every stage of life we face situations and things that may seem very significant in the moment but we should take a moment and figure out if those things will matter in the next ten years, if not then we shouldn’t stress over them and waste our time. Time is precious, lets focus on what matters!



Canada 150 Mosaic Mural

I had the honor of painting some tiles for a mural celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday! The mural is now complete in Langley. I got paint in my hair and on my shirt haha safe to say I had fun! It feels great to be a part of a Canada 150 painting that is hung in Langley! I represented my title in a tile!!

Daughters of the King Women’s Conference 

I had the opportunity to speak on women empowerment at a women’s conference! I met many inspirational women and felt honored to be the youngest speaker.

Women are intrigued by the concept of women empowerment and most of us support it, but what we don’t realize is women empowerment isn’t just relevant during conferences or women’s events, it is something each one of us should be doing every single day. We all know the struggles women have to face in society these days and we should encourage each other every single day to be the best we can be.

Something that is the most dangerous hindrance in empowerment is something women are notoriously popular for…. gossiping. Gossip is the one of the biggest reasons we fail to empower each other. Empowerment isn’t just to a person’s face, empowerment is lifting that person up in their absence as well. By gossiping and talking down about another person’s failure or mistake, we automatically are assuming we are better than them, better mothers ( if it is regarding the actions of their children), better wives (if its regarding the husband), better sisters, daughters or anything. By assuming we are better than another person we are letting pride take over, not realizing that each and every one of us are human and we are ALL products of our successes and our failures.

If we act as though we are on one team we would not be trying to bring each other down because what happens when you bring a team member down, is your entire team is brought down. If you see someone who is lacking or failing as a mother, a daughter, a professional, rather than talking about it and making their life harder than it already is, HELP THEM.

If you can’t help them, pray for them. Don’t bring them down any further. If God has brought you to a level in life where you are satisfied with your life in every way, be humble, the last thing you would want is God himself opposing you for the things you are proud of. We never know what can happen in life, people’s lives change within a blink of an eye.

Let’s make an effort to be kind to one another, lift each other up because were in this together.

Much Love,


Written by: Philipa

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