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On May 6th 2017 I was honored to be presented with the opportunity to judge amongst other esteemed judges at The Canadian Festival of Chili and BBQ. Numerous upcoming and already established people competed for the prize. Some winners were even awarded with a chance to advance to compete in international competitions!

Having the opportunity to be a judge at a cooking competition sounded like fun and I was thrilled to take part, but started getting nervous when I found out what the competitors had at stake! I tried my best to judge every single bowl of chili as if it was the first and only one I would be trying. By the end of the day I had tried 31 different entries of chili!!! The organizers were shocked at the fact that I was excited to judge at a cooking competition and was willing to try so much food knowing that I will be competing for Miss World Canada 2017 fairly soon.

I am adventurous and believe that a person should avail all positive opportunities presented. Life experiences shape who we are as people and in my opinion taking part in events which may be considered out of the ordinary leave us with the most precious memories. This opportunity was interesting and I had done nothing of its sort in the past so I knew I had to take part especially because it supported a phenomenal cause.

This event supports The BC Professional Fire Fighters Burn Fund. In the past few years over $35,000 has been raised for this charity. Prior to this I had never heard of such an organization and it made me realize that there are so many phenomenal charitable organizations that most of us are not aware of. Volunteering at a variety of events allows us to be exposed to all the great work that is going on in our community. I learned a lot throughout my time volunteering as a judge and needless to say this definitely was an experience of a lifetime!  

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