Great friends and family are the most important people in our lives. They are there for our milestones and right behind us to support us when we work towards our dreams and aspirations. Most of us feel secure around our loved ones, and their opinions and suggestions weigh heavily when we make any decisions about our lives.

We often fail to recognize the amount of power we have over the decisions and ultimately the future of our loved ones. Naturally, if someone has to exit their comfort zone and place themselves in a vulnerable situation, they will do so in front of the ones they are most comfortable with before anyone else. At times we underestimate the courage it takes a person to put themselves in a vulnerable situation and open up.

Let’s take public speaking for an example, many people are TERRIFIED by the thought of speaking in public. They would probably feel secure to rehearse in front their loved ones to build the courage to speak in front of an audience. Now imagine a person who is terrified of public speaking tries to rehearse in front of their loved ones and right as they start talking (all awkward and nervous), the people they’re speaking in front of burst out in laughter and start mocking the person. RIGHT THEN AND THERE the person will shut down and regret their decision to speak in public. Regardless of how many apologies are given later on, that initial reaction would’ve broken all the confidence they spent a long time building to be vulnerable enough to rehearse in front of their loved ones.

We should always respect the effort people place in stepping out of their comfort zone and allowing themselves to be vulnerable. If someone is comfortable around us to initiate vulnerability, we should always respect their effort and provide constructive criticism to help them grow. People close to us respect our opinion about them and we will be one of the first people they experiment their vulnerable side with and if we laugh or mock them in these initial stages of development, they will immediately regret the idea of stepping out of their comfort zone. If our jokes and mocking hinders the close people in our life from building the courage to take steps towards developing a brighter future, maybe we should reconsider our actions.

We are often comfortable to joke around with our loved ones, but we should never forget that our negative mocking reactions can actually hurt the people who are vulnerable around us. There is a time and place for everything and the ability to distinguish the right moments can prevent us from hurting those who are close to us and hindering their abilities to excel in life.

Rather than taking our loved ones for granted we should support and empower them with constructive feedback and words of encouragement. I am one hundred percent sure no one would want to be the reason behind their loved one giving up on their dreams!

Just some food for thought!

Much Love,


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