Hi Everyone!!!

I have been extremely busy with volunteering, media appearances, and preparing for the Miss World Canada competition which is right around the corner!

I just wanted to update you all on some of the events I have attended and the places I have volunteered lately. This post will just be the places I have volunteered.

 Big Brothers and Sisters of Langley

As you all know women empowerment through education is my Beauty with a Purpose project, many of you might not know that I am an active volunteer with the Big Brothers and Sisters of Langley and currently I am a mentor at a Go! Girls group with 12 young girls. We teach them about healthy relationships, healthy eating, healthy living, self-confidence, self-worth, and many other topics to help direct them in the right direction so they are fully equipped with information when they face struggles in life. We create a  judgment-free environment for the young girls to be comfortable and confident in who they are. Each session we play games and have a lot of fun and also have a question session where they can ask us anything and everything they are confused about in life. We are there to be their friends. It is absolutely amazing how much we learn from young children.

Abbotsford Police Run 

I had a blast volunteering at the Abbotsford Police Challenge Run! I had the chance to help with registration and handing out awards with the honorable Chief Constable!


The run was in support of the Special Olympics.

Some of the special Olympians are seen in this picture below.


“The Abbotsford Police Challenge Run has rasied over $400,000 for local charities since its inaugural event. The run is driven by local volunteer efforts and the support of several local businesses.”-Abbotsford Police Department.







RBC Race for the Kids

I had the amazing opportunity to volunteer at the RBC Race for the Kids. There were SOOO many people there it was amazing to see the community come together for such an amazing cause. I helped with registration and had an amazing time mingling with people from all over the Lower Mainland! This run supported the BC Children’s Hospital and I felt honored to be able to volunteer here. I was blown away by the entertainment and food that was available after the run. This run was one of the best ones I have volunteered at. The energy was amazing!!











Langley Lodge Seniors Home 

Time is a priceless gift. I had the privilege to spend quality time with some seniors at Langley Lodge recently. I met some inspirational people!

The first picture on the right is of two brothers who live there together at the Langley Lodge, how cool is that! They were so awesome and cute!



The picture on the right is with Alan, such a funny guy! He said he will frame this picture, melted my heart!




The picture below is with Pauline who is 101!! She had such a pretty glittery bow on her head!

This picture is with Laura who is 109!!! She loves spending time with the birds in the background!






I couldn’t get pictures with everyone but I had a great time! Sometimes we get very busy and forget about our elders who stay at places like the Langley Lodge. I believe we should all make an effort to go spend some quality time with them. They are very wise and have so many things to teach us about life because they have been though many tough situations throughout their lives. Most of all, the look on their faces when they see visitors is just absolutely PRICELESS. 





If you havent already, read my blog posts about volunteering at the

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Stay tuned for my next post on media appearances and events!

Much Love,


Written by: Philipa

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