Let’s talk big challenges!

This week I am at Miss World Canada in Toronto!! Big deal huh? , I agree !!!!

Some truth to be told, pageants are a full-time commitment. I felt like an Olympic athlete preparing for nationals.

Beauty, brains, body, outfits, sass, modelling, passion projects, sponsors, public speaking …. I did it all.

But the reality is, there is no way I would have gotten this far without my fantastic sponsors.

Now many people struggle with finding sponsors to support their cause. Not going to lie, it’s tough stuff to convince people to provide you with funding for your personal project. BUT WHEN THERE IS A WILL THERE IS A WAY !

Following are my few tips for getting sponsors:

(1) Give more than you take: find a way to provide more to your sponsor than you take from them. Find creative ways to come up with a marketing package that will promote them on a national level. This could be done by creating a video trailer, facebook/Instagram promotional posts, blogging and so on.

(2) Talk with passion: Passion SELLS !, when a business owner is able to see the passion you have for a particular cause, they’re more inclined in helping you with your journey.

(3) Attend events in your community: Attend as many events as you can in your community, the more actively involved you’re… the more people get to see you, get familiar with you and potentially sponsor you.

(4) Social Media : Ensure to do a great job on your social media platforms … YES THIS IS IMPORTANT. If your social media presence looks professional, the brands you’re working with feel more comfortable working with you.

(5) Newspaper/ Magazine publication: Try getting an article about yourself published in a local newspaper or magazine. This gives you credibility when talking to business owners. MAKES YOU SOUND LIKE THE BIG DEAL !!

Hope these tips help 😉IMG_2869.medium


  • Aura Orthodontics
  • Cost Building Supplies
  • South-Asian Entertainment Magazine
  • Times Of Canada
  • Nine West Shoes
  • Sketchers
  • Kra Company
  • Streetchic
  • Golden Glamour Goddesses
  • Helene Clarkson

Thank you so much to all of them for being so utterly supportive all throughout my journey.

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This is one of the most important untaught skills available to each of us. It is how to be CHARISMATIC.

 A charismatic person has the ability to make people believe in their vision, inspire people to be at their personal best and lead by example.

 Most people believe in the myth that you are born with charisma, when in reality each and every one of us has the potential of being charismatic. IT JUST TAKES A LOT OF PRACTICE (sorry no shortcuts !)

 Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Will Smith, Jeff Bezos , all of these leaders display traits of a charismatic person.Following are the most common traits that make up their charismatic personalities :

  1. THEY ARE FULLY PRESENT: When speaking to someone, a charismatic person is fully present. They do this by making the other individual feel like they are the only person in the room. Acting fully engaged includes maintaining eye contact, smiling and genuinely being interested in the topic being discussed.

  2. THEY IDENTIFY AND SPEAK THE LANGUAGE: According to scientific research people like others that look like them. Similarly, a person with charisma will mirror the way the other individual is talking so they can resonate with them.

  3. THEY CHOOSE WORDS WISELY:  Magnetic people are like a beacon of positivity. Even at the toughest times they make a conscious decision to use positive words and affirmations. This results in people wanting to have them around more often.

  4. BODY LANGUAGE: Body language plays a powerful role in how charismatic people communicate. Using hand gestures, maintaining a good body posture and giving firm handshakes are all great examples of how charismatic people build credibility.

  5. SHOW EMPATHY: Empathy is simply identifying emotions in others. People that uphold a captivating personality have the ability to put themselves in another person’s shoes. This allows them to understand the other person’s perspective.

Living life without a devotion to excellence dishonors the priceless gifts and talents that have been given to you. –Robin Sharma

 I hope you found this helpful!!



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Just in case you missed my article on the Now Newspaper, here it is ! 

Direct Link to the Article: http://www.thenownewspaper.com/opinion/389117411.html

“Kriti, you FOB*, go back to where you came from, we don’t want you here” 

I can vividly recall those days when I was bullied because of the way I dressed, spoke and my skin color.   

I moved to Canada when I was 10 years old. I had pictured myself going to a public school with no uniforms, meeting new people and maybe even becoming the popular kid. But, to my surprise, the new school turned out to be my worst nightmare ever.  

I had never imagined that my elementary school years would involve me being tormented with profanity, insults and threats by my classmates. For the next four years, I would spend my lunch time alone in the women’s washroom, trying my best to avoid the bullies. I used to lock myself up inside the corner bathroom stall, sit on the toilet seat, curl my feet to my chest and countdown the minutes till the end of the lunch break. I was afraid I would be picked on and humiliated in front of everyone. I did my best to ignore it but bullying found its way to me. 

 I had an incident where my chair was smothered with ketchup. The “prank” was to have me sit on the chair and have my pants covered in ketchup so it looked like I had menstruation bleeding. If this wasn’t already enough, the very next day, two of the bullies came running behind me saying “Hey alien wait up!” and me being so naive I stopped. The minute they got close to me, they grabbed me by my arm and soaked me in coke from head to toe.  

Standing on the middle of the street with my clothes all stained with coke I could not move and cried out for help, unfortunately no one came to help me.  

 There were several other incidents similar to these and they had left me with no self-confidence, fear of meeting new people and trouble eating or sleeping. I had started to believe that something was really wrong with me. The worst part was the fact that my teacher was well aware of what was going on but chose to do nothing whatsoever to help me with my situation.  

 I grew up believing that no one would ever fall in love with me and that I will be lonely. I felt worthless and believed I did not deserve any more than what I got. But now that I look back and realize ignoring the bullies and the bullying, wasn’t the solution. 

Following are some of the ways that helped me push through bullying:  

  1. Getting involved in the community, I can’t emphasize this enough but volunteering can have a tremendous impact on building up one’s self confidence.  

  1. Finding a mentor that you can speak with, this can be someone who can understand the broader picture and advise you better.  

  1. Remembering that you are enough and you have the capacity to do anything you set your mind to.  

  2. Every day just focusing on the positives and giving yourself time. Looking at yourself in the mirror and telling yourself that you are “amazing, charming, lovable and caring”  

  3. Finding hobbies that help you makes you feel good about yourself. 

 *FOB: Fresh off the boat 




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We all had dreams and ambitions while growing up. For some it could be living in a huge house with a driveway full of luxury cars. Whereas, for others it could be changing the world and making it a better place.

 As a young girl I had dreams of becoming a famous astronaut. I was fascinated by how the solar system worked and how human beings were going to space. Every night my dad and I would spend countless hours on the rooftop of  our house. With my small binoculars pushed against my eyes I would look at the stars and visualize my bright future as an astronaut.

 I remember my daddy always telling me that if I wanted something with all my heart and worked extremely hard for it, I could achieve it. So, I grew up with that great ideology ….but somehow as I grew older I stopped believing in my dreams, I started to learn how to be comfortable with my life instead.

                                            P.S. this is a photo of my old man and I from my 15th birthday 

 Being Indian, I did what most Indian kids do, I found myself a safe corporate job that paid a decent salary, went to school in the evening to get that degree and watched Netflix before bed.

This was nothing close to what I dreamt of doing with my life. So I constantly reassured myself by saying that “only the rich and lucky get what they want from life.” But in reality, it was an excuse which I fed myself to protect my overly grown pride and ego.

 Looking back, I wondered what happened to my dreams and aspirations. Why did I not follow through on things I wholeheartedly wanted? Truth is, my fear of failure took over my ambitions.

I was too scared of failure that I never chose to take any action.

 Bottom line is, I let my ambition fade away and chose to abandon my dreams forever.

Now I wish I could say I am the only person that ever experienced this but, the fact is that many people face the exact same thing. They say goodbye to their dreams and settle for whatever life provides to them and not what they want from it.

 However, for me I hit a point where I no longer wanted to just settle… I realized that at any point and time we can change how my life will play out.

Following are the kick ass ways I used to bring back my ambition and revitalize my dreams:

KICK ASS 1.Kiss Good Bye To Fear: Fear is one of the worst things that keeps us away from pursuing anything. The fear of failure, judgement, or lack of acceptance can cause us to stop even before we start. Most of us don’t realize this but the fear of regret is way more painful than failure. Why not just go for it..? the worst that can happen is that the answer will be a “NO”

KICK ASS 2. Goals with deadlines: Things only get done when there is a sense of urgency in life. For example, handing in school assignments, if we know that the assignment is due tomorrow morning we find a way to get a done: we may have five shots of expresso; a friend assists us with editing or another with research. We make it happen. Similarly, when our goals have a deadline to it we find creative ways to make it happen.

 KICK ASS 3.Environment: The type of environment we surround ourselves is very important. Like the old saying goes “you are the average of your five close friends”. If your friends are people that do not motivate you or distract you from your goals in life, maybe it is to reconsider them.

KICK ASS 4.Cut out the bad: I remember when I tried to change my life around, I got a lot of weird and unwanted reactions. I told a good friend of mine that I no longer wanted to work a 9-5 cubicle job, she didn’t take too long to say “you’re being ungrateful for what you have” and how “only a few get ahead in life”. This hurt me a lot at first but after a while I got comfortable with people saying that to me. Learning to use what the naysayers have to say to empower yourself can be influential. I use it to my advantage to prove them wrong when they say something can’t be done.

Now I didn’t turn out to be an astronaut ….but I have come to a realization that my dad was right.. If I put focused attention on achieving something and I follow through, I will get what I want from life.

Hope you found this blog helpful.



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I discovered that I didn’t belong as soon as I landed in Canada.

I can vividly remember the border guard asking me to fill out the immigration paper. Being only ten years old, and overwhelmed with joy, I grabbed the paperwork and started to answer the first few questions, they were simple – “Name”, “Age” , “Gender”. Slowly as I worked through the questions, my eyes landed the question that asked about my Ethnicity.

I turned to my mother and asked what that meant. At her first glance, she read the question and looked puzzled. Nevertheless, soon after she told me to check off “other”.

Other ??, I didn’t quite understand, I wasn’t other. I was Kriti Chopra, I had to have a category as well.

I was born in Delhi, India and back when I moved to Canada, Indians were a very small population so we had no category on the immigration papers. I was different and I knew that.

As a kid being different was my worst night mare. I hated going to school because I looked different, ate roti and sabji for lunch rather than pizza pops, celebrated rakhri rather than Thanks Giving and enjoyed Kuch Kuch Hota Hai much more than Mean Girls.

I was that awkward, confused kid who wanted to belong somewhere, anywhere.

Now, my experience has been that I am not alone. At some point and time, we have all felt like the outcast. Whether it was race, gender, sexuality or appearance …. we have all felt that feeling.

It can be daunting to feel left out, to not fit in.

This fear of being the outcast always outweighed the cost of living my authentic life.  I spent the next 10 years hiding my truth, I tried my very best to hide my ethnic roots, my place of origin and even my family traditions.

Nevertheless, at age 20, I hit the sealing with living an inauthentic life. This is when I wrote a letter to myself:

Dear Kriti,

 Over the years, I have resented you for not being skinny enough, fair enough, funny enough, smart enough, beautiful enough, admirable enough, British Columbian enough and loved enough. I have found you trying so hard to fit into the box when you don’t belong there. You trying to push yourself to become someone you’re not is steeling from your joy, your happiness, and your courage. Well good news is, that’s all about to change… you’re about to go on a journey where you change your destiny. You’re so different, so go create your own path…. a path no one has walked on before.

This letter helped me get started on the journey of self-acceptance and massive growth.

At age 20, I was recruited to work at a big corporate company without a degree, I ran a marathon, volunteered at many different organizations, wrote for articles, went on TV, became an ambassador for South-Asian women in Canada …… I did everything I wanted to do.

 Now at age twenty-two I am the current title holder as Miss Lower Mainland World 2017 for the province of British Columbia. My goal is to inspire youth to step into their greatness, and follow their dreams with a certainty that that whatever their minds can conceive, it can achieve.

Following are some powerful tools to help you:

Use your story to empower you: Own your past, your decisions and use them to empower you. The strongest thing a person can be is the own their truth. Owing your truth means, embracing your shortcomings, your mistakes, your strengths, your gifts and sharing them with the world openly. This will allow you to openly go after your dreams without hesitation.

 The one in a billion approach: My good friend Satnam Singh, the first ever Indian NBA player ever drafted always uses this quote. He says “Kriti, I am one in a billion and I use that to my advantage”. Well I believe so should you, scientists have proven that each human being had a one in a billion-survival chance. YOU MADE IT … so use it to your advantage. Be different, be the outcast, make your own rules, be so utterly different that people count you in as a person to remember.

 Exercise the “Take Action Muscle”: Just like every muscle in our body, I believe we need to practice our “take action muscle”. This muscle allows us to do the hard tasks, commit to achieving greatness. Use your act muscle every time your scarcity mind tries to stop you. This muscle will help you push forward when you get scared, anxious, nervous about your life.

 Be willing to walk alone: There will be many times when no one around you will believe in your vision. They will try to bring you down and hurt you in every way possible. There will be times when your vision won’t be understood by anyone else but you. This is good because, your vision is “YOURS “, what you can see for yourself is utterly personal to you. So let go of the idea of having others buy into your dreams and hopes and keep following through on the life plan that you’ve created for yourself.

Protect your dreams like they’re your baby: Your dreams may be outrageous, they maybe not. For myself I know my dreams are outrageous…..almost a little too far-fetched that I avoid saying them out loud. Personally, I have created a huge vision board where I have all my dreams laid out. I treat my dreams like a baby, I consistently work on them, give them time and treat them with care. I also remind myself to never give up on them, after all they’re my baby and a mother never gives up on its child.

Would you read your own autobiography: The last and final step is to reflect. Image yourself at age 90, reading your own autobiography. Would you read it?, would you think that you accomplished your dreams or took a full swing at them… how would you feel ?, will your life be full of thrill, fun, adventure ….? What would it be. These are all questions that will help you get clear on who you want to be, and set you up on the road to success.

 I hope you find this article inspiring and helps you raise the standards for the quality of life you lead moving forward.


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