This is one of the most important untaught skills available to each of us. It is how to be CHARISMATIC.

 A charismatic person has the ability to make people believe in their vision, inspire people to be at their personal best and lead by example.

 Most people believe in the myth that you are born with charisma, when in reality each and every one of us has the potential of being charismatic. IT JUST TAKES A LOT OF PRACTICE (sorry no shortcuts !)

 Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Will Smith, Jeff Bezos , all of these leaders display traits of a charismatic person.Following are the most common traits that make up their charismatic personalities :

  1. THEY ARE FULLY PRESENT: When speaking to someone, a charismatic person is fully present. They do this by making the other individual feel like they are the only person in the room. Acting fully engaged includes maintaining eye contact, smiling and genuinely being interested in the topic being discussed.

  2. THEY IDENTIFY AND SPEAK THE LANGUAGE: According to scientific research people like others that look like them. Similarly, a person with charisma will mirror the way the other individual is talking so they can resonate with them.

  3. THEY CHOOSE WORDS WISELY:  Magnetic people are like a beacon of positivity. Even at the toughest times they make a conscious decision to use positive words and affirmations. This results in people wanting to have them around more often.

  4. BODY LANGUAGE: Body language plays a powerful role in how charismatic people communicate. Using hand gestures, maintaining a good body posture and giving firm handshakes are all great examples of how charismatic people build credibility.

  5. SHOW EMPATHY: Empathy is simply identifying emotions in others. People that uphold a captivating personality have the ability to put themselves in another person’s shoes. This allows them to understand the other person’s perspective.

Living life without a devotion to excellence dishonors the priceless gifts and talents that have been given to you. –Robin Sharma

 I hope you found this helpful!!



Written by: Kriti

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