Let’s talk big challenges!

This week I am at Miss World Canada in Toronto!! Big deal huh? , I agree !!!!

Some truth to be told, pageants are a full-time commitment. I felt like an Olympic athlete preparing for nationals.

Beauty, brains, body, outfits, sass, modelling, passion projects, sponsors, public speaking …. I did it all.

But the reality is, there is no way I would have gotten this far without my fantastic sponsors.

Now many people struggle with finding sponsors to support their cause. Not going to lie, it’s tough stuff to convince people to provide you with funding for your personal project. BUT WHEN THERE IS A WILL THERE IS A WAY !

Following are my few tips for getting sponsors:

(1) Give more than you take: find a way to provide more to your sponsor than you take from them. Find creative ways to come up with a marketing package that will promote them on a national level. This could be done by creating a video trailer, facebook/Instagram promotional posts, blogging and so on.

(2) Talk with passion: Passion SELLS !, when a business owner is able to see the passion you have for a particular cause, they’re more inclined in helping you with your journey.

(3) Attend events in your community: Attend as many events as you can in your community, the more actively involved you’re… the more people get to see you, get familiar with you and potentially sponsor you.

(4) Social Media : Ensure to do a great job on your social media platforms … YES THIS IS IMPORTANT. If your social media presence looks professional, the brands you’re working with feel more comfortable working with you.

(5) Newspaper/ Magazine publication: Try getting an article about yourself published in a local newspaper or magazine. This gives you credibility when talking to business owners. MAKES YOU SOUND LIKE THE BIG DEAL !!

Hope these tips help 😉IMG_2869.medium


  • Aura Orthodontics
  • Cost Building Supplies
  • South-Asian Entertainment Magazine
  • Times Of Canada
  • Nine West Shoes
  • Sketchers
  • Kra Company
  • Streetchic
  • Golden Glamour Goddesses
  • Helene Clarkson

Thank you so much to all of them for being so utterly supportive all throughout my journey.

Written by: Kriti

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