I am a bit late for this, but There is a Canada Day Celebration in Ontario-Toronto on July 23rd which I will be attending!


Canada Day in Vancouver this year, was BEAUTIFUL as usual; however, this year we celebrated Canada’s 150th Birthday. I am so glad I get to call this beautiful , 72nations country ‘Home’ and share my culture with everyone in my community. As an immigrant I am blessed to be living here because despite my background and culture, Canada allows me to be completely myself!



Happy Birthday Canada <3


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This is a Shout-out to ALL my amazing sponsors and supporters.









Amin Construction -Amin Fallah, for your constant support in every way possible.

Perfectshotstudio -Hamid Zargarzadeh, for all my amazing pictures.

Pasta Polo Restaurant –Farhad Soofi , for the delicious food and silent auction items.

Limelight Wellness Centre -Azam Azimi, for your contribution and my skin care services/products.

Standout boutique -Parisa Padidar, for my beautiful jewelries and silent auction items.

Aim Dental Centre – Dr.Ladan Ghanipour , for your contribution and support.

Aran Orthodintics – Dr.Reza Aran , for your contribution and support.

Unique Hair Salon – Fariba Beik , for Silent Auction items, my beautiful haircut and styling as well as your support.

Urban Gate Restaurant – Payman and Bita Aksari , for your sponsorship and contribution.

Parsa Pages Website – Ali Hamkar , for promoting my event and providing tickets online.

Idin Catering – For the delicious food and your support.

Creekside Coffee Factory – Jay Lee , for the tasty coffee and silent auction items.

Aria TV – Ramin Mohseni  for your time and the Miss Vancouver introduction video.

Capilano Photography -Ali Haghighatjoo, for the flower wall pictures and your support throughout the event.

Zesty Event – Afsaneh Z  for helping with event planning


Dj Arash – Arash  for helping out with having a smoother and warmer event with your music.

I am beyond grateful for every one of you who are sponsoring me, supporting me, and sharing your love with me. I truly appreciate every comment and message that I receive from you.

Thank you to all of you,





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my Fundraising event was a SUCCESS with the help of all the beautiful people in my community.

Some people I met for the first time, and some others I had not seen in a while so it was a great opportunity to bring everyone together. The night started with flower wall pictures and the soothing music in the background created a much lighter atmosphere. Then, Iran and Canada’s national anthem song was played; I can not put into words how much I love these two countries that I call “Home”.

Following that, Polonez Dance group performed a duet about love and joy. I have had the honour of dancing with this group for about 2years, learn more about their culture and a couple words,” Dziękuję”, “Dzięn Dobry” , and etc.

Polonez is a professional dance group who have been dancing for More than 25 years , and this year they are going to Poland to the World Festival Of Polish Folk Group in the beautiful city of Rzeszów.

In this picture we have Emilia Krupa and Pavel Niemirski , my two incredible friends.

I also had the honour of having the MLA of Coquitlam Burke Mountain Candidate , Jodie Wickens, who is the executive director at Autism Support Network of BC. She spoke about her experience working with children with Autism.

But here’s the exciting part, Hossein and Parsa Abrishamkar are two of my really good friends; two brothers with a passion for music. Hossein is a professional Opera singer and Parsa, a very talented pianist. My Dearest Mahtab Haghighi, who is also a classical and Opera vocalist performed two pieces with her modulated voice; she is truly gifted. It was a pleasure to have them perform at my fundraising gala (I’ll post videos once they are available!)

A Big Thank you to Urban Decay, for sponsoring me AND my event! I believe natural beauty is true beauty and for that reason all my guests took home a lipstick,mascara and primer!

The food was absolutely delicious! Chicken Kebab will always remain my favourite meal, and tell me in the comments below what is YOUR favourite food and from which nationality?  looking forward to reading them.

Anahita Group has been around for about 3years now. It is being managed by my mom , Zohreh Aramian and myself. These beautiful girls did such an amazing job of performing “Jananeh” dance which is a fusion of Ballet, Jazz , Persian dance and Tap.

And Lastly, I would like to Thank ALL my sponsors, which I will introduce in the next post!

I am forever thankful to God for my parents and everyone who has been supporting me through this journey. all of your messages and comments are so heartwarming







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Sorry for the delay in my posts, finally I have some time to post more!

Did I tell you how beautiful the Tulip Festival in Abbotsford is ? You can find every colour Tulip there, even black! I had such an amazing time taking pictures, communicating and talking to different people about Colours.

I think Colours have such a huge impact on one’s mood and mind ; For instance warm colours such as Red and Orange are associated with Joy, Sunshine, Enthusiasm, Passion, and etc. Whereas  cold colours like light blue , light green , or grey are correlated to Depth, Growth, Calm, Relaxation and etc.

A colourful wardrobe is ALWAYS better than a neutral , all black , and plain wardrobe.By the way, my FAVOURITE colour is Red

What’s yours?



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in my beautiful city Vancouver, we celebrate many events and special days; One of them is Hats Off Day in Burnaby which is a day where all the businesses on Hastings Street in Burnaby area give back to people through different activities. It is meant to appreciate all the support and to also create a fun and happy  environment for everyone.

it starts with a Parade and later on leads to live music on the street, spinning wheels, games and balloons , and etc. I had the honour of volunteering and talking to multiple people about why it is so important to give back to our community in every way possible.

I believe Love is the first sign for Unity , why not share it with one another!I am blessed for this beautiful multicultural community.

How are YOU going to give back to your community?

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Hello, Welcome!

My name is Lia and I am twenty-one years old from the beautiful Vancouver. Here in this page, I will be posting information and updates about my community work, my journey to Miss World Canada, thoughts and ideas, and many more!

First things first, I moved to Canada from Iran in 2011 and that is when I started doing research about Mental Health issues and Immigration. As an immigrant, I  have noticed how much I wrestled with culture shock, and the journey to build myself  back up was not an easy one. however, I have realized that this journey is not only empowering but also motivating to share our roots with everyone else from different backgrounds and Canada gives us this opportunity. 

Ever since I moved here, I have been performing different styles of dancing such as : Folk Persian, Afghan, Polish, Ballet, Lyrical, Azarbaijani (Turkish), and many more which I mostly choreograph myself. Being able to find a balance between my Eastern and Western culture has been the most incredible experience of my life.

I’m a theatre student and I chose it because I get a chance to connect to people with different perspectives and backgrounds and also I can at least try and be in their shoes for a day. For about a year after my immigration I could only communicate with people through body language because I did not know English. That has given me the ability now to be able to understand other people who are  going through the same situation and it is so beautiful seeing how we can always find a way to connect to one another even if we don’t speak the same language !

Participating at Miss World Canada competition has always been a dream for me and I will make it come true. This is just a little peek at my life story and I can’t wait to share the rest of it with all of you!

Stay tuned,


Lia , Miss Vancouver World 2017

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