Living in the Capital City of British Columbia, there is honestly an infinite amount of attractions! From Butchart Gardens to the Legislature, Fisherman’s Wharf and Beacon Hill Park; there is never a dull moment in Victoria!

But from aside from the hustle and bustle of the city, there are many  hidden gems right in our back yard. After two years of living on Vancouver Island, I have seen this beautiful land from tip to tip; Deep Cove to Port Hardy. And within my travels I’ve encountered many breath taking beaches, astonishing views and some quite curious wildlife companions, but nothing compares to one of my favourite summer spots…


A little background

Island View Beach is located on the Eastern Cordova shore of the Saanich Peninsula, near Victoria, BC.

A real treasure for people who like quiet nature settings, with views of Mount Baker, and Islands of the Gulf Island National Park Reserve. Families and Nature Enthusiasts will enjoy walking the many meadow trails, to learn about the various plant and animal species. There is several kilometers of shoreline for walking, with excellent shorebird viewing, and millions of interesting rocks along the way.

My Experience

Growing up, I visited the island two or three times a year. My Mom was born and raised in Sidney, for those who aren’t too familiar with the island Sidney is the first town when you get off the Swartz Bay Ferry! Having my whole maternal side on the island is truly a treat, not only was it an awesome visit with family, but a beautiful vacation. Collecting sea glass, a variety of shells, and finding little crabs tucked away under driftwood, I can never be bored here!

If you are looking or an endless amount of adventure, an astonishing view, and a true taste of Vancouver Island… head to…

Island View Beach


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June 12th was the first day that I began training with Coach Josh Wood at Limitless Training. Little did I know how much not only these 6 weeks would change my body, but my mind and awareness of what my body is capable of!

This all began when I found Josh on Instagram. I was attempting to get into shape on my own but with wing nights every Wednesday and a constant hankering for pizza… I wasn’t getting very far. I contacted Josh and he agreed to have a meeting to discuss a sponsorship; We chit-chatted about my goals and what areas I’d like to work on and a meal plan. The meeting left off on a positive note with hopes that the owner of Limitless Training, Wes, would agree to have me train for free. With a thumbs up and the purchase of a Limitless T-shirt, we were in business!

Meet Josh and Wes!



About Josh

Josh has spent the last decade studying the body through combat sports, manual therapies, Chinese Medicine, and fitness. He dedicated the last five-years to teaching at a Melbourne based massage school during which time he also became a qualified powerlifting coach, a personal trainer, and started working as a strength coach and boxing coach. He apprenticed under boxing coach Adam Wells for three-years, and has been training in various combat sports since 2006.

Super cool guy.

About Limitless

“Limitless Training is an intimate, boutique fitness studio that creates a personalized environment like no other.  Our elite trainers and coaches are constantly evolving with the latest training strategies while keeping within our training methodology. We focus on correct execution of movement and the importance of a balanced healthy lifestyle through our high quality personal training and specialized functional classes. We want to maximize your results by unleashing your inner athletic abilities and provide a professional training environment for you to achieve any fitness goal.

Founder Wesley Wood leads the team with his unmatched and mastered approach to strength and conditioning, mobility and functional movements. Wesley continues to motivate the development of his team while staying true to the latest sport science research.

Limitless uses high-end quality equipment to give our clients a great experience while developing the body they desire. We prepare our clients for success! Limitless will have a wide range of group training programs; specializing in sports specific training for athletes. Our studio provides towel service and showers for members, as well as cold steamed eucalyptus towels for post Limitless spin classes. We also offer lockers within our change rooms, and full shower facilities.”

For the first five minutes of the first two weeks I was instantly breaking a sweat. One of my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITES, the Schwinn, kicked my butt. With learning basic movements and becoming VERY aware of the muscles I have never used; the weeks became easier.

With more basic movements, working around bummy knees and a very crooked arm one day, Josh made working out kinda…okay… really fun but shhh don’t tell him! Every session my body became accustomed to the movements and now instead of being winded after 1:30 on the bike, I could carry a conversation throughout the five minutes. Not only was I seeing results in the mirror, I was seeing them within my attitude and energy levels. I became a much more positive and energetic person.

Here are the progress pictures from when I began training to about a week ago, 14 days out of the pageant:

The picture on the left is from two weeks ago, the middle about halfway point and the right is June 12th.

Tomorrow is my second to last day with Josh and Limitless and I don’t think I can truly put into words how thankful I am to have this experience. To find sponsors in a city you have minimal connections in is hard enough, but to have a personal trainer and a gym welcome you with open arms and support not only your fitness journey but your pageant journey is unreal.

Thank you Josh for absolutely everything. I know I may complain… a lot.. but I honestly don’t know if I could have done this without you. All the sweat, burning knees and quivering muscles were worth being trained by a pretty wicked guy 🙂


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Hi there!

Life has been so hectic lately that I haven’t been able to keep up with my blog as much as I would like to! But now that I am settled in my new home and have access to everything, I will be blogging with full force!

Today’s blog is about my first event as Miss Vancouver Island World 2017 which took place on Earth Day! Earth Day is an annual event the demonstrates support for environmental and ecological protection. On Vancouver Island, we are a very green-wise community. Whether it is recycling, composting, conserving our beautiful forests or protection the aquatic wildlife of the Pacific Coast; citizens of Vancouver Island are very conscious of our impact on the environment.

On Earth Day, April 22 2017, I had a blast at Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse with Parks Canada in celebration of Earth Day and Canada 150!  Along with Parks Canada employees, I worked alongside Volunteer Victoria in restoring and replenishing the Gary Oak Ecosystem. Together we removed an invasive species named Daphne and replaced them with native species such as Mock Orange and Red Flowering Currant!


A great way I contribute at home to Earth Day besides getting out and volunteering, is having a “blackout”. A blackout is where you turn off and KEEP OFF all lights and electronics for 24 hours in order to conserve energy! This is just one of  hundreds of small initiatives you can take within your own home to help save the planet and helps out your wallet!

Composting is also a great way to reduce waste, replenish the earth and save some money! Composting all biodegradable products is an AMAZING way to reduce house hold waste. And with time, your composted materials will make for great fertilizer that can be used in a home garden or flower beds! Home gardens are fantastic! You can use your own compost as fertilizer and grow your own veggies without the worries of chemicals being in or on your food. This can also be an educational experience for the whole family. By teaching younger generations how to grown their own food now, we are not just teaching them basic life skills, we are also teaching them how to give back to the Earth and in return reap the gift of a fruitful harvest! Not to mention, by growing your own produce you will see the changes in the quality, diversity, and prices between seeds versus store bought produce.

Those are just two small initiatives you and your family can take that benefits the Earth, your wallet, and your tummy!

A HUGE thank you Aimee and Serena for helping me get involved and teaching me about the history and ecosystems at Fort Rodd Hill!

Until Next Time,

Sabrina -Miss Vancouver Island World 2017


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Hello Everyone!

My name is Sabrina and I am the current Miss Vancouver Island World! I’m so excited to have this opportunity and be representing not only Vancouver Island for the year of 2017, but also the whole province at the Miss World Canada pageant! I cannot wait for all the new experiences and wonderful opportunities this year will bring.

Three quick facts about me:

  • I was born in Calgary, AB but was raised throughout British Columbia before returning to Alberta for my high school years
  • My middle name is Rainbow
  • So far I have three tattoos… and counting!

I am an only child with an amazing family and support system behind me.

I am a total Daddy’s Girl, since day one. We can often be seen cheering on the Victoria Royals and the Westshore Rebels at home games, yelling in the stands, and discussing games plays. My Dad has taught me so much, from how to drywall, to fixing my car, sports, and the odd advice about boys; but hey, at least he’s trying! My parents are most definitely “pageant parents”, they love the thrill of the week leading up and of course competition days. They are truly the backbone to my successes in everything in life and I couldn’t thank them enough.

My pageant journey began at the ripe age of 14 at Miss Teenage British Columbia 2012. Although I did not place, I learned an abundance of new skills and gained great friends, thank you Mikaela for putting up with me as your best friend and coach, and thank you Bailey and Amanda for always being my adopted supermoms. I took a year off and moved back to Alberta where I decided to compete again. Here I placed 2nd runner up and held the title of Miss Teenage Southern Alberta 2014. I then went on to place Top 20 at Miss Teenage Canada.

For the next 3 years I coached, mentored, judged and hosted. Until I saw an advertisement for Miss World Canada. I signed up immediately. I competed in Miss British Columbia World and placed 2nd runner up, I was so honoured to be crowned by one of my best friends and pageant sister who I began this journey with, Mikaela. This is a moment I will never forget and thank you again for putting up with my diva antics.

Some of my hobbies are traveling and camping, and there’s honestly no better place to camp than your own back yard when you live on Vancouver Island!


Everyone asks me what an Alberta girl is doing on the island, well, I applied to the University of Victoria to be closer to my Grandpa. The eldest of my grandparents and the one I have the closest bond with (also being his only biological grandchild), I felt it was my duty to look after him. 4 months into my first semester he became gravely ill. I made the decision to leave school to look after my Grandpa; family over everything. Today my Grandpa is in and all-care facility where he gets the full and proper and attention he needs and deserves. This year he turned 80.


I am so humbled to represent a part of British Columbia, the part where my family began. Thank you to all of my friends and family, sponsors, and pageant family.


Until next time,

Sabrina, Miss Vancouver Island World 2017


Written by: Sabrina