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Life has been so hectic lately that I haven’t been able to keep up with my blog as much as I would like to! But now that I am settled in my new home and have access to everything, I will be blogging with full force!

Today’s blog is about my first event as Miss Vancouver Island World 2017 which took place on Earth Day! Earth Day is an annual event the demonstrates support for environmental and ecological protection. On Vancouver Island, we are a very green-wise community. Whether it is recycling, composting, conserving our beautiful forests or protection the aquatic wildlife of the Pacific Coast; citizens of Vancouver Island are very conscious of our impact on the environment.

On Earth Day, April 22 2017, I had a blast at Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse with Parks Canada in celebration of Earth Day and Canada 150!  Along with Parks Canada employees, I worked alongside Volunteer Victoria in restoring and replenishing the Gary Oak Ecosystem. Together we removed an invasive species named Daphne and replaced them with native species such as Mock Orange and Red Flowering Currant!


A great way I contribute at home to Earth Day besides getting out and volunteering, is having a “blackout”. A blackout is where you turn off and KEEP OFF all lights and electronics for 24 hours in order to conserve energy! This is just one of  hundreds of small initiatives you can take within your own home to help save the planet and helps out your wallet!

Composting is also a great way to reduce waste, replenish the earth and save some money! Composting all biodegradable products is an AMAZING way to reduce house hold waste. And with time, your composted materials will make for great fertilizer that can be used in a home garden or flower beds! Home gardens are fantastic! You can use your own compost as fertilizer and grow your own veggies without the worries of chemicals being in or on your food. This can also be an educational experience for the whole family. By teaching younger generations how to grown their own food now, we are not just teaching them basic life skills, we are also teaching them how to give back to the Earth and in return reap the gift of a fruitful harvest! Not to mention, by growing your own produce you will see the changes in the quality, diversity, and prices between seeds versus store bought produce.

Those are just two small initiatives you and your family can take that benefits the Earth, your wallet, and your tummy!

A HUGE thank you Aimee and Serena for helping me get involved and teaching me about the history and ecosystems at Fort Rodd Hill!

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Sabrina -Miss Vancouver Island World 2017


Written by: Sabrina

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